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barney's warehouse sale was crazy.



massimo alba coat. was $1,650 at retail i believe and i got it for $150. really like this piece.




saturdays jacket. some of the pictures i've seen online make this jacket look nice but in this picture it looks weird. we'll see how it turns out.

thom browne flannel


t by alexander wang tee (from myhabit)

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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

Picked up the Nike Free 5.0. Sized up to an 11 since there were comments onlinez about the shoes running shorter than normal.

Thank you parker for the heads up @Parker

Where from and how much?
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thanks @dieworkwear for the sizing advice
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Originally Posted by Abraxis View Post

Think I'm done with spring purchases. There was a great green smoke (green tinged grey) seer sucker blazer from Lemaire at maas and stacks but sadly size 3 fit me really weird.. tight in upper arm, armholes shoulders are weird with a slightly boxy body.

Dries Van Noten Suit/shirt at tailors.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


HENDER SCHEME  :bounce2: 


Damn I wish I could drop a stack on some handmade air forces right now. I bet the quality is craaazy. 

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Originally Posted by Hirsh View Post


that plunger tho

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Originally Posted by kindofyoung View Post

cheaper alternative that actually look really nice, just found out about this brand

they got some jodhpurs too

Thought I would put up a quick review of these sidezips I bought recently after seeing this post.

As they are just starting out and looking to build some awareness the owner was nice enough to give me a pair at cost to give some feedback on.

I've been wanting a few pairs of plain black sidezips for work and I didn’t really want to pay through the nose aka Current MMM RRP.

The website was easy to use and to order from, it was painless, and quick shipping with UPS is always a plus.

They came with dust bags which is a big deal to some people. I just use them to polish my boots really.

The boots themselves:

Construction is cold cemented, the welting is just for looks. I've asked why have the welting on the bottom as it's sorta confusing and they are going to look into removing it. I would prefer like blake rapid or even just blake, but I'm alright with cemented if they do it right. They are pretty close to Margiela Sidezips construction wise, they feel almost exactly the same as my old Margiela Sidezips from 09.

The last used is slim and elegant, but is somewhere in-between the bulbous toe Margiela side zips of old and the newer slimmer ones. Its a good medium. I’ve worn them with black skinny jeans and a Robert Geller zipped blazer and they worked, and then worn with a black A2 bomber and and a white oxford and the still work.

They come with a full leather liner and removable insoles, which for some people is a big deal. They add a lot to comfort and its a nice touch.

The inner lining calf isn’t as nice as the Margielas. But for the price, I don’t really think you can go wrong. The soft smooth black box calf that is on the outside, is really really nice for the price. I was pretty surprised at how well its worn in. I didn’t think that the outers would be as nice as they are. Its a lot smoother and a ‘dress’ grade calf compared to heavy duty oiled calf that Margiela uses.

I bought another pair in the same size, as I’ve worn them to work pretty much most days since getting them. If your new and looking for a decent pair of side zips to wear with black jeans and some tee’s or white button ups, its probably worth having a look at. These go into my recommend pile for new starters.
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Nice to hear they turned out alright smile.gif
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Originally Posted by NaTionS View Post

Where from and how much?

Amazon for 72
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I've been digging Saucony shoes recently. I also nabbed a Marni sweater (70% wool and 30% cashmere) from Yoox.


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Just snagged the last blanket lined 21oz rider from IH in a 38 last night. Idk when it dropped so low but for $350 I couldn't hold myself back (but then again, maybe that is a personal restraint issue)

Here is one after a year of wear

EDIT: almost forgot. My gustin hemps arrived yesterday, my BOM008s are slated for delivery today (though I think they will actually be here Monday), and I am planning on heading up to Mister Freedom tomorrow I check out their ranch blouse lot 64. After that on a denim cop freeze needless to say.
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Self edge sf?
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euro mrporter f/w 2013 leftovers

wooyoungmi navy woolblend trousers
raf merino gloves
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Where can I find a bomber/ma1 for <$200 in a size small?
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