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yep Dries. it's actually some slightly iridescent synthetic thing that looks and feels like raw silk

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dibs on that camo sweater if you ever decide to sell

Might be able to source another one, might be the grey version though.

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more stuff


Where'd you find/what are these called? So good.

Not on the internet smile.gif Not sure about the names, left is a lightweight wool shirt jacket, right is a cotton jacket (it's actually faded green)
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I think the left was from Ivy collection labeled as a baseball coat and I think wrong weather had it for over a year in brown and red.
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I didnt see anything like that grey/green one
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Fool me THREE times, Margiela, and it's shame on me and I'm done. Should arrive in a week.

(And thanks very much for the info, Regis)

If you can pull off that color you are a pics are mandatory.
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jun needs to make swole dude sizes
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Yeah fucking oath he does

In his sidezips and workboots, ASAP

Wish we could special order larger sizes or something
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Got my tailor to make up a green cord sports coat, two button, patch pockets, minimal pick stitching.

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KVA for both, anyone know the quality?


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everything i've handled from kva has been quite good
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Well. also don't try Saint Laurent Paris, which ranges from "Not bad, but not sure if worth $3.5K..." to "Holy shit, I wouldn't buy this for $100."

The cut is good as long as you aren't above 5'10" and a 48. Hardware is great, calf is pretty good, lamb leather is so-so and the overall brand image/offerings is so lame it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Prices are more 3500 euros, if I remember correctly, was at the SLP shop and their Printemps corner recently and I'm pretty sure it hovered around that range.
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After having tried on pretty much every kind of cap I've ever seen for the last 2 years and looking ridiculous in all of them , I today, at last, finally found a cap that fits me.

I'm surprisingly happy about this

sup #suedecapcrew


besides that I wanted some new summer footwear and also something non-monochrome/dark in my wardrobe, so I kopped a pair of Eytys 


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deets/link for suedecap please
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thanks moo, I thought it was all suede though, looking for one of those that can fit my ginormous cranium
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Actually it's a model called Trina by Tiger of Sweden, not ^that Ervell one

(but I can't seem to find any website with it that ships to the US, sorry)

edit: and it's not full-suede, just the two front panels and the brim

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