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Originally Posted by Razele View Post

Man the U.S of A has been good to me

Uniqlo Skinny Jeans in Black x 2 / Dark Grey / Dark Navy
Uniqlo Denim Shirts x 2, Grey Melange Zipped Hoodie, Grey Packable Hooded Down Jacket
Robert Geller SS 14 Zipped Blazer
Robert Geller FW 13 Zipped Blazer
Isaora Navy Hooded Shell (Like, 65 dollars at a sample sale, is awesome)
il Busseto Black Zipped Wallet
Alden Black Indy

Going to go get some Scosha bracelets tomorrow, Holla at me NYC guys if you wanna catch up

Where was this sample sale at?
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Originally Posted by sinnedk View Post

deets on ma-1

H&M. Very cheap + heard mainly positive things about it, so thought id snatch as a jacket to wear day to day. Not particularly surprising in how it feels (feels like the price - £30), but overall not bad for how much I spent on it. Fits brilliantly, and is puffy, but not too.. puffy.

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Looks like I won't be buying anything on my NYC trip....spent way too much at an auction yesterday.
Jens Risom table
Grete Jalk for Poul Jeppesen lounge chair
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boring summer pick-ups





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Maison Martin Margiela Cream Leather Elbow Patch Knit

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Got the MKI bomber I mentioned a few pages back:



I'll try to post a real fit with it in the proper thread later

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After a weeklong trip to LA and Pebble Beach:


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Originally Posted by justusss View Post


Yeah, definitely a baker. The main thing I was trying to distinguish was whether it was herringbone or homespun (I'm hoping the latter). All the herringbone models I saw have the tag printed on a white lining instead of black, but that might not mean anything. Thx tho guys



As someone who bought a homespun Andover based off of similarly sucky (yahoo jp) pictures a while back, that does look like homespun to me.  Not sure the season.

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Margiela Patch Knit and Random Bottega Veneta Piece? You start buying Cartier and I'm going to wonder about you Krish haha. No joke I was about to buy that same knit but then I found the cream one at the last minute
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Haha well @RegisDB9 I did spend quite a bit of time in the Cartier shop on Rodeo while I was there. My better half loves the pink gold love bracelet, and I have my eye on a couple of things they make as well... So I might be dipping my toes in that pond at some point.

I tried on the green sweatshirt in a 52, and the navy in 50... Liked the color of the navy but the 52 over the 50, so I had them order me one from the NY store. It was here before I made it back

But first I'm getting her a Goyard tote for her birthday... They were pretty much everywhere in LA, but I think other than the random international student, not one person here has one, so it would be cool, and she liked the feel and size of them at Barney's. And she liked the fact she can get them painted with her initials and whatever stripes she wants too.
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Just pulled the trigger on some hand made boots from Indonesia. Pretty fuckn excited. Gonna take at least a month to make though.

I need instant gratification.
Hate waiting for shit
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Ugh, Goyard.. All the bored moms here that moved on from LV in their college days are rocking that. At least get a wild color
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More CCP for me... devil.gif
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