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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

with that purchase I kind of consider my casual shoe collection "complete," to a certain degree of contentedness.

shit this is a lie i still need to cop birkenstock jesus sandals.
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Couple 24 x 30 in prints.




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helmut lang fw99 moleskin biker coat

more: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

this thing is a masterpiece of minimalist design. i just posted a fit with it in waywt, but thought i'd add a few more details here for those interested (though the pics were taken in low light, unfortunately). the exterior is a cotton moleskin that is soft, but thick and structured, while the interior is fully lined in silky cupro. it feels like wearing a coat of armor that swaddles you at the same time. the cut is incredible-- slim, articulated sleeves and a loose, flowy torso.

the coat features a hidden placket with both zipper and buttons running all way up to the funnel neck, which has a double-wrap velcro fastening. the high collar curves perfectly to surround the wearer's head while not getting in the way. the collar features an internal wire that allows the wearer to shape it, but unlike several other jackets i've had with this feature, the thickness of the material and the tightness of the seaming holding it in place prevents it from getting kinked and wavy. finally, the sleeves have tonal zippers at the cuffs and helmut's signature biker stitching at the elbows.

collar details: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

as much as i love it, the helmut coat is completely overshadowed by my other "purchase" from this weekend, certainly one of my best decisions ever:

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Something that's not black!
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Coat is awesome. Dog is adorable.

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HL crew fistbump.gif
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thrift store find this weekend...Polo linen



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Originally Posted by Foxhound View Post

They'll be starting up in Winter.


fuck yes finally no more wasted time and money on proxy services

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Converge t shirt icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

and Drkshdw cargos
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that HL coat is gorgeous, too bad all those pieces are cut so big. i can never fit them frown.gif
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hmmm, have you tried many pieces? in my experience, most of the helmut stuff fits more or less tts (it varies just a bit by season). some stuff even fits slim. i'm a 50 and could size up to a 52 in several things if i ever found them. so it might be worth trying again. you can also search through some of the women's pieces, since they definitely fit smaller frames and are often quite unisex in design.
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No fit pics yet, as I'm buying it over 3; months for the fall:

J Mendel black shearling biker type jacket

Trimmed with black Lambskin , curly lamb and mink

This will be one warm jacket!smile.gif
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Niche green floral shirt is finally mine. Thanks @gdl203.

ToJ wallets too.
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