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Who do you think came up with the evidence that shows smoking is bad for you?

The hippies, waiters, over zealous parents, and the marijuana industries?

lol @ this stupid ass post
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FYI you are making the same argument Mac makes in Always Sunny when he tries to disprove evolution. So...

I don't know what he says. This was my point:
Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

No one is infallible.
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I need to make more money to buy more things to post in here redface.gif
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^that's why you don't believe the one random study that showed some pretty unbelievable results. pretty much any original research that gets published literally tell you how to step by step replicate their findings from everything to research methodology to the specific research equipment they used. a large portion of research won't be 100% replicated but there'll be variations on the research testing criticisms. if it's a major finding (like oh dear god propylene glycol) other people will either replicate it completely or also test some variation testing potential problems
Originally Posted by jet View Post

lol @ this stupid ass post

lol @ this stupid ass person. i'd rather believe in pharma industry financed research published in a major peer review journal than the idiotic things you picked up on some random blog with terrible grammar and no citations
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Clearly, you're not a big tipper.
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lol @ this niqqas edit, keep drinkin that koolaid player
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I tip my hat to all participants in this, The Greatest Troll Thread on the Internet!
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lol @ this idiot saying nigga and he's a fucking persian. keep reading your hippy blogs and sticking it to the man player
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yo fokster can we get a name change to "last word indesertum" over here?


so hey anyone buy anything recently?
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Where is he getting those 1/20 and 8/10 numbers from?

But there def is a huge bias against negative results which can amplify false positives. The problem is that when people apply logic and probabilities they do a shoddy job of holding their own beliefs to that same rigorous standard. They feel like if they can weaken position x, whatever crazy position y they may hold is automatically true...
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When I got sick in middle school I lost 20 pounds in one month because I threw up 98% of what I ate. I saw many doctors but they all said I simply had a bad flu. Any physical activity like gym class would make me dry heave and I used to throw up in the middle of the school hallways because I couldn't make it to the bathroom in time. After the first two, three weeks I became bed bound at home and had to throw up in a bucket since I was too nauseous and weak to get up for the bathroom. My vocal chords sounded like I was 80 years old from all the acid burning my throat 10 to 20 times a day. Shit was surreal for sure and I didn't make the vaccination connection till at least a decade later when I started finding articles on it. It could also have been a perfect storm of vaccination plus oral off-gassing since I got most of my amalgams when I was in middle school, least half of them in one day too.

I got my amalgams out over three operations since they recommend only doing a few at a time and waiting a month in between them to keep mercury exposure doses to a minimum. Even with all the protocols in place and done by a professional with 30 years of experience, it's never 100% perfect. Best money I've spent in my life. My energy level doubled and my chronic fatigue syndrome, which I didn't know I had without a counter reference point prior, disappeared within a month after my last operation. I could go with only three hours of sleep afterwards and feel refreshed all day long. I still don't believe how radical the change was.

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dear diary

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If anyone wants a lol about false positives, track down the salmon fMRI study.


But let's see some jawnz.

This Jil blazer came in today and it's making me look forward to warmer weather. Anyone know the season?

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you can tell the season by the tag on the inside probably starts with a fifty something, shit i forgot how to decipher it
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