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Recent purchases - Part II - Page 2804

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Stepping up my expensive-ass basics game

Tellason Hoodie (perfect fit!)

Archival Clothing Tees

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APC x Carhartt from @kevc 

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Originally Posted by Krish the Fish View Post

Not at all! I've been doing all my schoolwork on computers (and my iPad) recently so my handwriting is atrocious right now too. It was very kind smile.gif

And I got both from Tres Bien. They put up their MMM S/S buy today

lol. I could hardly hand write anything anymore since 10th grade "6 years ago" when I switched to online school. 

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Originally Posted by sinnedk View Post


Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Let me (or us) know how they work out when they arrive!

Originally Posted by einstine View Post

Do you have any previous experince with the company?

Rught dudes.

They arrived earlier today, and I put them on before heading to the pub. I'm drunk, so let me finish this tomo.

I sized down from my normal size, getting a UK 5 compared to my normal UK 6 (I have midget feet) and they fit really well. Fit is really good once you've sized down, and they come with a Vibram topy in the box (pic coming).

Will add more when sober and not passing out tomo.
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It's 1 am and I'm listening to breakcore on repeat, someone send help.
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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

I need more SS in ma life

Also asos u-neck tee

Where'd you snag it from?

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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

will do

fashin confessions. I disappear from the hospital to make sure id be there to receive the package that was to come in today because yesterday I had something stolen

Im contemplating leaving a trap box and watching from the window

Hope no one died during your absence  to get something as important as jawnz 


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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i am pretty unimportant to the function of the hospital shog[1].gif

it was on BS
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Haven't bought a new suit in a long time as I wear them so rarely.

Pairing this with a crisp white shirt and no tie for an upcoming wedding.

photo c836a91a-8b30-4907-abd2-480fddfe9e82_zps51141eb0.jpg
photo f25febb2-c8f2-4950-87c2-60b193602632_zps9af49445.jpg
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Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment – Cropped Nylon "Hollow Fibre" Pants
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That fit pic with the white hi-tops is pretty sweet and i hope you wear them exactly like that
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Recent Purchase Part II now up to 842 pages...when will there be a Part III?
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Early Sunday Purchase

Maison Martin Margiela Maroon Wool Knit

Finally Took Delivery - Cartier Cuff

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my appreciation for regis has skyrocketed in the last couple months. personally, i don't like margiela at all, but your commitment to the label is inspiring on some level.

however, anybody who purchases baller accessories is cool in my book.
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