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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

What don't you like about them?

idk they just look like over designed sweatpants, like something you could potentially find on virginblak. But maybe I am just not seeing the whole picture of how you intend to wear it smile.gif
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They are Julius so of course they are overdesigned. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

But really the zip on the waist tightens the fit. I think these photos show the difference when it's zipped up:

I could still cancel the order, so interested in other opinions.
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the few waywt that i saw of yours seem to suggest a wardrobe different than what this would be best suited for, but at the same time i remember youve been buying more things along this genre

Can your return it?
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I like the julius pants in this picture where they fit a bit slimmer. In the others they look sloppy.
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lol figures i like the fit more when they look sloppy shog[1].gif

no one should listen to my advice
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It seems like he zipped the waist tighter and just pulled them up in the second photo. In the first he's letting them hang baggy. I can't return them, but not sure how tough it would be to flip them.
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Not diggin the julius either Caveat sorry. The plokhov tanker trousers look really good though.
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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

Damn I need a Strike Gold hoodie. Did you get your normal size? I had to size up on their sweatshirt and it's still pretty tight after a wash.

They will stretch quite a bit!! If its initially tight in the body you might get +2" of stretch. I was even able to stretch the length of the arms as I wanted to one roll the cuff.

Re: sizing: No, I sized up in I went with an XL. This is one larger than my normal Japanese sizing. Frankly, I probably should have gone with XL in their other hoodies...and I will prob forgo traditional washing them.

Strike Gold boils the indigo ones in a vat of indigo dye and then puts them through an industrial wash/ all the shrink is out of them and most importantly they don't bleed onto your other tops. The later was the selling point for me.

It's interesting that the the nap of the brushed interior is very different on the indigo ones...its like the pile appears broken and distressed. Very interesting and hard to describe.
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Caveat, those Julius pants are awesome. Keep!

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Caveat those look great. Keep
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I like the Julius pants too. Better unzipped

Originally Posted by superego View Post

like, that leather or waxed canvas/cotton?

It's leather. I actually have the same jacket already in a slightly different version. Different leather, different details, and the fit came out different. So I wanted to give this one a try.

I'm afraid I'll end up wanting to keep both :3
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Pants r good caveat.
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I like these Julius pants.. Julius is always extreme, but these pants are still wearable it seems

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Just ordered 2 necklaces for my nieces birthday but not being delivered until Tuesday

Ordered 2 shirts

Reserved a shirt for my boyfriend to pick up during the week

Ordered a leather biker jacket...

Pics when they've arrived:)
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you know, i actually like the julius pants. it's the fabric that makes them work. on typical denim, the zips would look straight A|X. also, it helps that the zips themselves are pretty discreet. not beefy ykk or something
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