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What Are the shoes?
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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post

What Are the shoes?

Costume National
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Is that second one Junya? Damn fine! How much was it?

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It's U-ni-ty. Looks great and sadly sold out now.
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60 euros apiece after PAYPALLOVESYOOX10

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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

I'm looking for some cotton alternative to denim. Not necessarily biker or cargo pants, but some kind of pocket or hardware down the leg would be cool. Mainly looking for something sort of structured (not sweats or joggers) that is versatile and low-maintenance, i.e. can be thrown over the back of a chair over and over again without having to be laundered or ironed.


You need baller pants. Look at zam barrett, devoa, bbs, IS, etc. I haven´t worn (normal) jeans in quite a while since, shall we say, getting into a new aesthetic. They work perfectly for me; I can throw them on like I was a great pair of regular jeans but knowing that, imo, I´m wearing something more interesting, with some cool details.

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Sounds like a great thread idea. ^
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Been looking for a summer suit.

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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

When do you move out, freeloader

Hehehe well I was accepted into Michigan's summer start program so given that Cornell or Chicago or something don't come up last minute with an irresistible offer, I'll be out around mid-May. Part of the reason I haven't looked too hard for work is due to the weird time frame I'm working with

Originally Posted by einstine View Post

manual labor is the worst labor 

Ha my parents own a number of old houses requiring lots of work, so I've been doing manual labor work for them over half my life. I almost enjoy some of it, mostly the physically demanding but monotonous stuff where I can just get in the zone and daydream/think intensely on other things while getting in shape/getting paid
Originally Posted by clark kent View Post

i graduated college, couldn't find a job anywhere in my city that involved my "field". ended up getting a summer job at a car dealership, stuck around and now i make way more money then i probably ever would have with a career in my field. only downside is that i work crazy hours and have to live with the shame of being a used car salesman.

i kind of get a kick out of the fact that i make a shit ton of money for my age and don't have to take my life serious at the moment. plus, who wouldn't want to buy a car from a salesman decked out in margiela and the likes of philip lim/etc.? i couldn't see myself doing this for years to come, but i guess the point i'm trying to make is that sometimes finding something to tie you over until you find an entry level position somewhere in your career choice, isn't so bad. you can even learn/better yourself from it.

This is awesome. I found myself wondering what kind of jobs I'd actually be willing to do in this year off, and pretty much decided I'd be down for anything. No shame
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YOOX rush

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Three Prague Winters - If those shoes don't work out and they happen to be 45/11.5. give me a holla'!
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Originally Posted by DLester View Post

This arrived and it fits.

It is awesome.

I now need to decide whether it is worth keeping something that goes with 3% of my wardrobe.

lool Ms DLester hates the new coat...I didn't know a person could have such hate for something that did not try to kill them. Fit pics up soon.
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I had a chick love my plain dries cardi and how it looked on me but my og girl loved the lanvin blazer I tried on years ago so much she offered to pay half
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Originally Posted by RXS09 View Post



Got it, love it



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Warning: more about selling cars (Click to show)
despite the stigma, being a car salesman is actually pretty cool. i get to buy personal vehicles for whatever the dealership owns the car for, which is fucking awesome, i bought my current car for $5000 less than the retail book value. we get a demo allowance. which is the choice to use a set amount of $250 a month to fund your own personal vehicle or we can take a car off the lot and drive that on a dealer plate and keep/use the $250 elsewhere. the downside of driving dealer cars is that if its your day off or something and a customer is interested in the vehicle youre driving, you have to drop everything you're doing and bring it back. plus its smart to use the allowance to pay for your own piece of equity in case things don't end up working out at the dealership.

i get to drive a shit ton of nice cars. on slow days i literally just sit on my computer and browse the web all day or go and drive some of the cars around the city to get a feel for them and learn all of their features. i learned that i'm really good at pitching/closing deals and maintaining client relationships. the benefits are awesome and the bonuses you hit when selling a lot of cars or making a certain amount of gross are fucking ridiculous. say we sell 15 cars in a month, not only do you make a shit ton off of the commission from the vehicles, but there's also usually like a $1000 bonus for selling that many. i literally made more in my first year here than either of my parents have ever made in a year. which is pretty cool in my eyes. despite not being able to find a career in engineering right off the bat, they're proud of my work ethic and the fact that i'm making pretty good money.

i bought a pair of CDG play converse shog[1].gif (whatup shah)
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