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Best piece they ever produced was the blackwatch coat they produced by Mackintosh. Still rock mine to this day.
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Z, going to echo others and say that heavy wool cdgh coat is amazing. I've been looking for exactly that type of coat with little luck (long, db preferably, heavy wool and not overcoat weight). Nice find.
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A few purchases, mostly sale related. 


SL 17.5mm Coated Denim Jeans - these fit perfectly and look great, a really nice pair of jeans, especially at 30% off - made in japan



Balmain Grey distressed biker jeans - the quality and details are very nice. Four figurers nice, maybe if they fit. The tagged size is off by at least 1, maybe 2 sizes, they are going back. Plus I can distress my own denim though wear, would prefer a clean pair. -made in Italy






Surface to Air Apogee V2 Navy Coat - nice coat, quality seems solid, purchased for 40% off of the half off price. My shoulders are a couple inches to wide unfortunately. -made in Lithuania  



Also got a couple Silent t-shirts on sale a white one for 30% off and a black one from the corner on deep discount like the jacket, 40% off half off. -made in Portugal 

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Good haul. Both pairs of jeans should be stalwarts.
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great fits @zapatiste cool.gif
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Originally Posted by ghostface View Post

oops. that's back when i owned a camera that washed out any color that was shot from 2+ ft. away. i hope you didn't regret buying it. shog[1].gif

Nah I don't regret it at all. It is a very versatile coat especially in California weather. I do wear it as a bit of a beater though, but am confident it can handle rough conditions smile.gif It's come through some pretty hairy situations and weather/stains just seem to slide off of it.
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3.1 Phillip Lim

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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

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^ lol

MSRP of NdG is not exactly relevant any more

Too true, market prices for NDG pieces are all over the places these days, but man, their goods seem awfully low for retail compared to similar japanese goods in 2013

US brand though
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thanks tonio!

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NdG reminds me of first getting into SWD, when I was taking the train into NYC when their basement store w/ the unhelpful Japanese dude held sales, so I could snatch up W+H hoodies and CPs to sell on B&S, promising him he wouldn't find them on eBay. You know what I'm talkin about.
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Nice I saw that before looks great

Gracias muchachos, it feels only natural to pair old school Rei with her former lover
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US brand though

NDG is a US brand?????? WUT
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^^From what I remember Ny based, made in japan.
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thanks tonio!

fit battle
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Definitely a US brand. Legendary retailer that was one of the first to bridge streetwear and fashion. One of the first collaborate with Trickers, Mackintosh etc,

Help break Wings+Horns, Geller, Common Projects, Engineered Garments, etc.

Miss Will, Isa and the rest of those dudes frown.gif
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