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The fair-isle tie, point-collar denim shirt combo is a bit much, and the rolled sleeves and exposed belt buckle don't help.

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Geller Blanket Lined Trucker Jacket

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Why would people hate

That shits nice, would kop in 50
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Ha people just advised me against it and it's a pretty simple piece but seeing And trying it on in person I was sold. Got it around 35% off
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I think that's pretty cool if done right. peepwall[1].gif
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Best part of that jacket are the hidden side pockets, all truckers need em
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jacket looks like some corpus shit
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Another Destin scarf in 70/30 cashmere/silk and Drake's grenadine tie from NMWA

This year's holiday season has been a wreck for my wallet shog[1].gif

Still have not even kopped from thecorner and mrporter. I am ready for next round of drops nod[1].gif
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Been eyeing this shell for awhile now... hopefully the quality is there

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Isaora is good stuff. Had my 2L Shell for one and a half years now as my go-to wet weather jacket. Compares really nicely to more outdoorsy/military shells I've owned from TAD and etc in the past, performance/quality wise.

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Black calf. Pic is Drew's because mine is months away from existing.
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i thought toj only takes MTO for burgers now?
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You have until the end of the year. Also, MTO is not an option at his restaurant.
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