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Trade you for those ute pants bene (especially since I have the jacket smile.gif )
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i knew you were going to say that shog[1].gif
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I've been looking for a pair of dress shoes for awhile!

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Where did you pick up those Petrov trousers? Direct from SP? And what size? I'm interested
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pigalle sweatpants shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Zeemon View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
pigalle sweatpants shog[1].gif

Never forget.
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Yang Li derbies are really nice, how do they run?

I'm usually a EU 44-44.5 and I took a 43 in them. They were a bit tight in width but perfect length. Super uncomfortable to do long walks in them at first (like all proper dress shoes) but they'll stretch for sure.


Btw, they do have a bit of that "pointy" toe that you don't seem to like.

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Well, I may have just bought that under-loved Cloak peacoat for 23$, after the seller rejected my initial lowball offer. Over/under on whether or not he'll honor the deal?
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Twenty three United States Dollars???


The fuck kind of hustle juice are you drinking?

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Originally Posted by Severisth View Post


Originally Posted by ghostface View Post

nice, man. those are two of my favorite geller pieces. though it looks like someone chopped a lot off of the cardigan's (originally very long) sleeves. hope they're not too short now.

I was kind of confused by that listing, either the chest is tailored along with the sleeves, or it's been washed and shrunk, or he measured it funny. My sz 44 is 23" across
Anyway, I'm sure it's still great whatever the case
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Nice pick ups Istasi.. Can you post pics of the Isaac Reina Magic Bag? I was really on the fence on that as the design and leather quality looks to be on point.. The Hermes connection works too. Only thing that seemed weird was the zipper going all the way around the bag. 


Actually Nice pickups on everything the last 2 pages!

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I'm surprised this thread isnt flooding with posts after all the sales.


Void x2

Norse Projects x8


Work cloths (Click to show)

Lands end parka $80

Wool socks $8

Martens - $62


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Nice where's you get those?
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Originally Posted by el Bert View Post

Nice where's you get those?

I got them from essence-web, but they are sold out now. They still have them in 42 and 43 at R and co.



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