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Hedi Slimane: Anthology of a Decade
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Sorel snow boots.  'Sup, Snowman?

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those will look sweet with your last fit in the discord thread
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good times...
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Ordered this on the weekend along with the 20% off discount code: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/brands/han-kjobenhavn/han-kjobenhavn-army-shirt-150081.html

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Originally Posted by amathew View Post

Got these MMM side zips. I had purchased these in dark brown (sized down) several weeks ago, but they ended up being too small so I sold those on B&S and am giving these tan ones a shot. Hopefully they'll fit and I'll eventually find a pair in black.

What color jeans would you suggest with tan boots? indigo? grey? black? (I'm guessing no on the black jeans with tan boots)

Those Buttero sidezips I just bought look to be nearly identical in color, and the toffeeish tan pairs really nicely of course with raw/faded denim, but looks surprisingly good with black denim as well. And yes, I'd imagine they'd look great white cream/white jeans too

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leaning towards keeping this wool bomber. could be a good excuse to kop some black denim and/or boots.

Dude, do not sell this! Such an amazing and unusual/rare piece. Post a fit if you're unsure!
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where did you get those sidezips from amath?
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Please do not dye those tan sizezips black - It wont turn out well, and they are good as is. Try them with different color pants and if they don't work out, PM me. I have jodhpurs in that color, and it is a nice change from black.
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Nah, dye them black so that you know what true regret feels like.
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Its not hard to dye shoes, dont fuck up and they wont look like shit. 


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those backlaces were dyed so well
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Weakness for anoraks

Louis Vuitton Fall 2010


Thanks for funding it cyc. :fistbump:

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