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is that the current season piece? The cotton fabric is much better than previous zipper blazers
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I believe so. Good to know, thanks. I do love the sort of sateen fabric of my trench from a couple years ago. Would've been happy with one of those blazers too.
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Ah, was looking at that earlier today. Where'd you get it from?
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Picked up a pair of Allen Edmond Neumoks, a Harris Tweed vest, an AE polishing kit, and a Brooks Brothers shirt this weekend (that is going straight to the tailor tomorrow, everything there is too baggy for me).

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ohhhh that's dope. Fit pics when you get it please

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Originally Posted by diniro View Post

copped this for $60 on ebay. Going for $590 to $4300 on amazon. Did I get a steal or are the amazon prices overinflated? Probably the latter. The book is awesome but I wouldn't pay much more for it.

Sell it to me, I haven't been watching ebay lately.
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I bought some random geller black skinny jeans from japan for like $40.
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edit: wrong thread

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got some yang li boots, ann d braces, another damir t shirt - and a luc toque. two more winter cops in the plans woohoo consumption
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Update on my post from a while back... I managed to exchange the Needles blazer I got through FromJapan / Secondstage and they sent me the navy/grey version I ordered.  So if anyone else gets sent the wrong item or something, it is possible to return, providing the seller is willing (I did have to pay return postage though).


The grey version definitely fits better than the brown in the same size-  that variation from washing or whatever they did to the wool.  Its still slightly small in the shoulders and short in the sleeves but I think it looks ok.  Will wear it a while and see if I want to keep.


fit pics - any thoughts?



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Couldn't really get my hands in the pockets last time round...




Also since kopped an EG andover from f/w 11 in like new / S condition so I have grey wool blazers fairly covered



And a fw 12 wool-denim railroader to get my steam locomotive driver steez on... hope this fits ok

(both yahoo japan)


Plus this EG overshirt from b&s came in recently:


Should probably get round to taking some decent outdoor pics and post in waywt :o

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The blazer looks great.

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Outlier Air Forged Oxford:


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I think I am interested in maybe one more item from FW13....Very much looking forward to SS14. These T's though are so nice

Maison Martin Margiela Semi-Uneck T's

Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum

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Color is darker in real life and actually the darkest I've seen natural chromexcel.

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