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And don't forget Cubone mama problems.
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Pokemon is about fatherless children going out into the world and manifesting that loss by turning cute, cuddly, and occasionally horrific and soul-stealing monsters into battle-hardened killers, and then using them to beat up everyone you can find and steal all their money.

Has anyone read the weird theories regarding Pokémon? That its like a war ravaged land and all these kids are actually orphans, or that it's all a dream in Ash's head?
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VISVIM came in today. Lots of "textural interest" and nice details, though it is a bit thinner than I expected. After a quick try on, seems to fit pretty decently everywhere but the sleeves, which are a bit long. Will probably try to just use the smallest cuff button and deal with a tiny bit of bunching.
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maybe kind of sort of getting somewhere with kind u. sounds like he's going to send me a paypal invoice.
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Visited Patagonia store and tried the legacy stuffs

Vests are awesome. So soft and warm.

Stand up pants look cheap but then it is cheap so..

Stand up jeans need to be burned

Bombachas are cool but they scratch like thousands of ants on my legs

Cagoule should be $34 not $349

Snap T is great. Looks and feels much better than I thought from seeing online pictures.

Ended up getting these two

Overall they seem overpriced but then they are pretty indestructible so.. smile.gif
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Devoa A/W '13 complete


EX washi and Irish linen jacket



High neck destroyed silk long jacket


Destroyed silk slim pants



Anatomical Pants Extra-long Staple Cotton Heavy Jersey



Just need a pair of the gloves and I'm done for the season. Might give Devoa a season or two break...

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Maybe I'll give my Colonial to my gf if this fits longer.

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That's all great and such but I wish there was some color or at least different textures. Everything looks flat and black. And I have to say the first jacket looks really short in the body
High neck is good but was not a fan of how droopy the neckline became especially if you are one to not wear it zipped all the time

Black pants just black pants. I am sure they will fit great on you

^nice SS
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Yeah, the pictures don't really show the difference in each piece or do them much justice. Devoa fabric is always a treat and the difference in cut usually has to be experienced. The anatomical pants are actually a lot roomier than seen there. Fascinate sized down in their store shots, making them look practically the same as the slim model.


The washi jacket is longer than a typical Devoa blazer, but with slit side pockets and thick fabric. It feels like armour. The colour is a dusty black with a slight sheen to it, and the texture is very dry and coarse. The high neck and slim pants in the destroyed silk are both a deep matte black; very rough and slightly pilled. Surprising light and they breathe without feeling like you're losing heat. The anatomical extra long staple cotton is crazy heavy. I don't think I've got a coat that weighs as much as these. They're black black.

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damn son that's a lot of Devoa


was eying the washi/linen jacket...

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cyc knit is long, you cop v?

texture is off the chain, you'll see
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victory is mine!


new glasses

good week for me already foo.gif
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so disappointed after that built up suspense
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