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How you like them? Read they run a bit wide.
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will write a review when i get 'em
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Crosspost from the Baller/Conceptual Outerwear Thread: The Transparent Silk Nomad Parka: A Staple of Every Gentleman's Wardrobe


Damir Doma parka came in today. My mind was not prepared. Threw it together with some stuff here you go





Not What I Wore Today: OP/DDx2/RO/Devoa/MA+


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)





The silk crape is really amazing. Feels like a museum piece it's so strange and anti-functional. Won't see any kind of wear until summer as it weighs about 0.5 nanograms. Dangly cords everywhere. Massive hood. Two interior pockets. Sheernes is way out of my comfort zone but... I like it. Need to find some flowing pants: Damir is obviously an option, Yohji, Snowman x Peri Wu who knows. Time to put it in the closet until summer and clean my filthy room

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damn that's cool

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I think that parka is pretty dumb. shog[1].gif
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I think it is a good idea if you were to go camping, no joke.

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World's most expensive anti-malaria netting?
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dude, that's what Fashion-As-A-Hobby is all about. Buying marginally functional garments because they're cool and fuck it you have cash to burn. Keep on rockin

ninja edit: woah hold up. who says this jacket isn't functional? it gives you JACKET POCKETS in the summer without the added warmth of a jacket. the only problem is now you're the guy your friends appoint to sneak snacks into the movie theater. small sacrifice i guess.
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Originally Posted by afixedpoint View Post


Stopped using my Volts. Felt too flashy.
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awwww yeeees
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Buzz Rickson N-3B

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