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SS from earlier this week





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You always buy great stuff el bert. Wish u could post a fit!
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Thanks a lot of my recent purchases have been fall stuff maybe when it gets cooler since I live in Bay Area It's usually cool most of the year.
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happy you jumped on that lemaire balzer. was such a good deal on yoox, I was like "duuudes get on this".
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Hehe yeah there's still some nice stuff there including sidezips...full size run but full price
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Devoa time.


Tweed long jacket - thank you Spacepope-san







Wool 160's long jacket





Cotton shirt - thank you Spaced God




First season white cotton button up



Wool / polyester / triacetate slim pants




Cotton / linen slim pants




A few vintage wash cotton basic long sleeves





That's probably enough for a while.

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post some fits duuude that's a crazy nice haul



also requesting spacedgod to be my custom title

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This time I will. Promise.


Currently wearing the piped cotton button up I got from you. Awesome cut and material. Breezy. Perfect for this upcoming summer that I'm already dreading.

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that is a lot of devoa. hope it looks awesome

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time to see what the fuss is about.

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Holy Devoa, all those pieces look stellar!

art, nice boots. Brand? Shape looks really good
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thought it was pretty obvious
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