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That coat is insane. Congrats.
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That's awesome bene, yohji?
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Looks like the Branquinho sipang had listed.  Thing's gorgeous.

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now you have to keep the blazer, right?
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Ugh. I'd love to believe me. Feel like I could tear it in half though.
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Helmut Lang


Shirt will probably need minor alterations. Thank you ghostface!
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toasty why won't you tell me how much you weigh now bro??
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because its a never ending battle for him worship2.gif
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gamme bleu shorts SS12
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from now on i will be in no-kop mode during september, october, november
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Regarding SLP lows: much lighter than my CP tournament lows. Shape is nice, there is a tongue detail I didn't notice online - there's a thinner back piece that extends beyond the main tongue (not really sure if functionally it makes the shoe more comfortable, but it's there). Also, there's only a eyelet on the last lace hole. The toebox is more rounded than that of my tournament lows. I don't own any Achilles, so I can't help with questions related to those. While I haven't purposely abused my CP's, I'm perfectly happy with both their comfort and durability thus far. Ultimately, I'm guessing that my MMM will still be the most comfortable. Haven't worn the SLP out yet, but there's some first impressions. Went with the same size.

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CP tournament low is a classic. Such a great sneaker.

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First impulse buy of the year.

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beater work shoes for the winter:

both barney's on rubber soles

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