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Just snapped up another pair of my favourite chinos from Lanvin.


Certainly not cheap, but they fit really well and feel great. Amazing quality as you would expect.


And on sale, they're a great buy IMO. Got them at approx. 60% off.

photo 10337883_1728188_1000_zps375a7934.jpgphoto 10337883_1728193_1000_zpse2a9b60b.jpg

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I like the shoes the model is wearing
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Just came home from a trip to London and the Silverstone F1 GP.

Went to a lot of nice stores; Vertice, LNCC, Hostem, Layers, Yohji, Issey Miyake, etc.


Managed to grab a few pieces on sale.


Yang Li x Cheaney & Sons derby

To be worn with the "London" suit from Suit Supply for formal events. Good suit for the price.



Ann D cashmere & rayon tee



Casey Vidalenc shirt

Fits nicely oversized and long in the body with interesting treatment and texture




+ Some Uniqlo OCBDs and formal shirts for the suit, a bunch of AA viscose tee's and tanks for layering (great cut and drape) and a bunch of vinyl 12"s.

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Just ordered this for 70%!



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TOJ Fishtail...that I won't be able to wear for 6 months

Ute Ploier Tweed Pants (somebody sell me some of the basecamp trousers)

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cracked pepper so nice

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Originally Posted by Severisth View Post

(somebody sell me some of the basecamp trousers)

Still regret not buying those when I had the chance. frown.gif
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That fishtail is awesome!

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Did you buy the fishtail from B&S or directly from TOJ? I thought it's not available anymore.
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I got it from another user, I traded a black TOJ fishtail I picked up recently for it.
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ya the basecamp trousers are fantastic, y'all done goofed

conceptionist and noctone always pick up stuff id see myself buying and loving. great kops
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so envious Bene, and you have my size too frown.gif Well, time to watch B&S like a hawk (like usual)
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lol real talk, your closet is probably among the most coveted on SF. Let us peons have our small treasures biggrin.gif

@ conceptionist and noctone, let me know if yer ever planning on parting ways with any trousers!
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Yeah the basecamp are really nice, fit on them might be best out of all my pants and variations of color are really great.
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jumped on some nike x undercover at the TBS sale
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