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Originally Posted by spacepope View Post

el Bert leather is full grain horse, hoping it won't stretch like crazy

Mine stretched to the point I now need a thin insole (988S in Full Grain Horse). I sized up 1.
Great purchase BTW!
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oops. damn you yen...

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Tickets for: Japandroids, A Place To Bury Strangers, Deafheaven, Gogol Bordello and Queens of the Stone Age

Hopeful near future purchase: FYF Fest ticket
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Some other RP

Casey Vidalenc

Poeme Bohemien

Same jacket as this

With also a dark gray.

Yoox has both a dark gray and light gray in larger sizes left, 1 of each I believe for you bigger guys. Perhaps Nil can pick it up

First jacket was surprising. Fit 1 size big. Long arm sleeves. I would not recommend thought it kind of gave a soft impression of what the parachute Patrik Ervell would have been like.

Alternatively, Poeme Bohemien jacket is pretty awesome but not for me.
The jacket came in from Yoox, Poeme Bohemien

Very high arm holes and structured shoulders. My arms are pretty tight in the sleeves.

Not sure if I should have it altered to take out the upper sleeve room for my arms, or just return. Very interesting fabric and distressing in a stone color. 100% cotton in a canvas like fabric and texture. Cotton lining FWIW. Heavy jacket for S/S IMO. Makes for nice wear, creasing, and distressing over the life time.

I'll probably post photos this weekend. Already in return box. Size 48 I have would probably fit a slimmer body type, or a tall size 46 body.

With a tee shirt, it fits alright. With a Uniqlo OCBD, the jacket is very constricting. I stared at the mirror with my new hairdo and got a real SZ vibe. I can see the right body type wearing this jacket with the creases and jacket in general beat to shit.

Whoever next stumbles upon this is going to be real happy. I can see this fitting several members here. Keep an eye on Yoox wink.gif The second photo captures it best. Nice stone / distressed gray color.

This would be cool if it came in a size 38 unless someone can confirm it fits small.
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been looking for these for a long time.

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CP Vintage Achilles Suede soon to be go-to summer sneaker.

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Copped these 3 @ J.Crew:


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New Tumi garment bag.  I like the look, but I think I may need a bigger size.  This one is the 22037 carry-on size version.  So I may get a second one and use this one strictly for light trips.

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Just won these Grensons for 174SEK (26$):

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The search for a pair of jeans that fits properly continues.



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The boots are sadly too small, and the Corner won't let me just exchange them for a size 45, which means that the 30% code I used won't apply. I understand their rationale, but frankly I can't imagine why they think this is good business practice. I'm not going to pay another $120-something right now, so we're both probably losing out unless someone opts to buy the ones I return immediately. edit: the Corner will do a 30% price adjustment on a new order, so hell yeah customer service. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

The jacket is Rag & Bone; I found it hiding in a re-sale shop nearby, and I got to haggle it down to a seriously good price. I just need the proper boots (dammit) and shirts to wear with it now.

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No what you need is

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A white dude bidding on authentic Navajo gear, what could go wrong?
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Originally Posted by sipang View Post

No what you need is

+ this

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