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What that?
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Google search by image is your friend.

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Really cool blazer !

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Looks nice until I read the fabric content =[
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ha its ok i dont expect much for 55gbp. hopefully would be perfect for my australian trip next month.
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my third pair of Virgils but they really are the perfect style of boot for me.
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So, I saw kgfan's recent WAYWT

Then all my items in Yoox dreambox dropped in price

Picked up Casey-Vidalenc jacket nod[1].gif
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Yardsale is that the kangaroo leather one? I have been considering getting a second pair since I love my kudu virgils so much...I feel like it's goofy to own the same thing in different colors, but I've heard nothing but great things about the kanga leather
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Forget everything I said earlier

Dries suit shirt shoes
see me at your local weddings this summer
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I think you should have gone with another pair of shoes if you are buying specifically for weddings. Cool shoes though for SW&D wear

Yeah so I kind of fucked up Yoox order trying to save $15 lol

Ordered this in lieu of that, but will probably reorder the CV jacket when it pops back up in my dreambox
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It's a southern wedding tho
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I have all black dries derbys too, but ya I'll probably one of 3 people under 30 in a suit. And it's not like those are outrageous or loud anyway
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Wait, there's such a thing as a standard (non "destination"/beach type) wedding where people don't wear suits? confused.gif
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I like to keep it classic without all the gimmicks

This means nice classic suiting as well with a classic shoe

All during the ceremony of course.

The dinner and party after, anything goes

Keep it classy, gentlemen
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