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Originally Posted by sinnedk View Post

where did you get the belt?


Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

It's a Damir Doma belt. I have that exact belt. From a few seasons ago, iirc.

Yep, FW11
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shirt is too tight up top and too loose at the bottom. gonna return and size up and just have it tailored.
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Originally Posted by djt00 View Post


Are they CP or Acne shoes in second picture?
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white/black are Raf Simons and black patent Acne. I really like those Rafs! Haven't received Acnes yet.

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Came home and found a package with this inside laying in my front yard... It´s much bigger and heavier than I expected it to be.



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is what you got actually from the 11 line? i haven't seen any of it in person. not really sure what to make of it. also, what did you get?
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What did you get as in "what is it"?...It´s a book. Don´t think it´s from the 11 line. Starts with a written introduction into his work, inspiration, material he works with. Then a lot of pictures starting from his first collection, showing inspiration for each one, runway photos, detailed shots of the garments, etc. I´ve just browsed it for the moment. Gonna take my time with it because, of what I saw, the photography is pretty amazing, at least for my rookie eye. And the written intro is in both italian and english, so I´ll see if I can also improve my poor italian.

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looked quickly and didn't notice the binding on the left. I thought it was the top of a box. you should scan some of the best stuff and post it, if you can.
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I was thinking about doing that. I remember there being a thread with books about fashion. Think I might post it there once I get to scanning some pages.

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I knew you had all the links to some of the best threads. Will write about it once I´m done and post some pics of it.

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