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recent-ish purchases


Ervell x2


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those are some of the best looking ndcs i've seen in a while. where'd you cop?
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

those are some of the best looking ndcs i've seen in a while. where'd you cop?

They're the "belsize" model, I don't think NDC makes them anymore (?). I grabbed them off Amazon uk.
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I think someone posted a link in the ebay thread to amazon for the ndc for pretty cheap

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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

there's a weird nordic general store along the highway between Denver and Summit County.

Also, Stone IPA is so good

If you see it buy some stone enjoy by ipa. Best ipa I've had in awhile
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I picked up the voidthebrand white curved hem tank top as a cheap alternative to Geller as I was going for the cockbib look. In case others were wondering here are my thoughts and opinions:

I got the Style#8 Round flap tank top in white size medium. I am a big medium at 6'1" 170 lbs.

1) All the edges are raw: the neckline, arm openings, and the hem
2) There is a center seam running down the back
3) The material is very sheer, thin, and light. I can see my entire body through it. No big deal since I plan on just layering it. You definitely can't wear this on it's own unless you're going to some S&M fetish parties/orgies.

1) The armholes in this are higher than I thought. I didn't really look closely at the angled pic on the model, but the armholes are definitely not low on him either.
2) The length was much longer than I expected. Under sizing they listed the medium as being 76.8 cm long which is 30.25". I measured mine and it was 35". It went all the way down to my mid thigh practically. If I bunch up the tank I get the right amount of length in front but it was challenging to get the front and back to the right length and to stay there.

Overall thoughts:
1) I wish the material was thicker as you can clearly see the care through it on the white. Maybe the black is better. Not surprisingly the black was sold out and only white was left in a lot of their different products.
2) I'm a little disappointed the length was so long. I'm going to try and shrink it but the instructions say Machine wash cold and line dry. The tank seems pretty fragile so I will soak it in a hot tub of water and air dry it to see if it shrinks.

I don't own any Geller tanks but tried one on a long time ago. It wasn't as long and thin. With the exception of Geller's mesh tank, you could wear it on it's own as it wasn't see through. At over 3 times the price of voidthebrand, the Geller's are definitely worth it. Maybe if the length wasn't as long I'd like the voidthebrand tank more.

Also what do you think is the ideal length for the layered top to stick out? 3 to 4 inches?
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just cut it to where you'd like it
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Of course.

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fishbones, is that from COS?
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I think so.

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mismatching shoes ala #menswear
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Grifoni blazer came in. Need the sleeves taken up. Not sure how difficult that will be. It can go 1/2 inch or so at the cuff without interfering with the buttons. Otherwise seems ok. Sorry about the photo. Best I can do.
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yeah, sleeves are long, but i could see you pulling it off if you wear the jacket with a tee or something. did you go tts?
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Yeah, I am a slim 38 and this is a 38. I always have problems with sleeve length so that shouldn't dissuade anyone.
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Managed to ruin two pairs of pants last night using a washing machine. I'm super smart. To make up for it, I bought Devoa

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