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I think we have the same countertop.

You in Sweden, or just gifts?
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there's a weird nordic general store along the highway between Denver and Summit County.

Also, Stone IPA is so good
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so i have a lot of love hate with the ipad

works really well but apples super proprietery-ness is so annoying sometimes. Was trying to move a wmv file from my computer to the ipad. Could not figure it out. End up uploading to then downloading from dropbox . Also the length of the lightening cable is def insufficient.
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handbrake the file, then move.


i can use the ipad a whole day with it's battery life, charge @ night

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marabou dark chocolate confused.gif

No but seriously, if you want dark chocolate, get some good shit like Lindt, and if you want Marabou buy anything except that wink.gif

You should see if you can find this next time

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Been looking for a nice alternative to my aging Nikon D50 for a while now.





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^ way cooler than the CdG Star Wars Ts.
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laugh.gif Oh yeah, forgot about those... Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Originally Posted by kindofyoung View Post

marabou dark chocolate

I have probably been eating marabou for longer than you have been alive. But yes, it is absolutely the worst kind. Sadly, they had nothing else.

I will look out for the little racecars though!
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synth is making me crave licorice

no legit pieces of licorice in this bag though, wtf
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Noob I want that T
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This was £100 off, and I've been after a nice shell I can use for skiing and in the city for a while.



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found a grail piece of mine on myhabit (annD longsleeve ss2012)
i hopei won't get raped by customs

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