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been a while... a1923
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

someone had to buy them...and they actually fit this time. now someone buy the pair i'm selling devil.gif

also got plane tickets to pittsburgh and i think that's it.
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Hey thought I'd post here and get a legit check on these, I won the auction but am yet to pay, few people I've shown are claiming fake. I would really appreciate some feedback as to the legitimacy of these.


This is the auction link


He has listed the ref # for the item as 3SH003VEA


Some pics of the shoes in question.




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I wouldn't know original from fake w/ those but $270 feels low.

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Yeah they look goofy/bloated cause they are laced all the way up and stuffed with paper in the first pic. I used to be all about Habitat in middle school, met Getz

Fosure. Put some pop in the tongue they'll be fine. Oh, and hearing about porvocacao 'moving in a new direction' wasn't the best news of the day.
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damir blazer came today. it's whacktastic. overly narrow in the shoulders and disproportionately wide in the torso, so it tents out in a way that doesn't look interesting, just bad. no fun
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There were maybe a handful of worthwhile dd pieces in fw12 of which that isnt one, even less ss13 and probably a deficit of good stuff here on out...
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the jacket would have been sweet if the proportions worked. fabric was great.

I still dig damir from a spectator's perspective, even his later work, and honestly the folks who say things like "damir has passed his prime" and "it's all downhill from here" bore me.
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For those of us that don't know much about damir, what about his creative process has changed that he "blows" now?
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There's a dd thread where some ideas where half-expressed before returning to regularly scheduled programming
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copped this ill thang right here, thank you S

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fw12 was awesome what you talkin, shah! Mongolian horse lord ftw
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now you should post an ill fit
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Woo hoo, get to cross off two items from my short list this week -- a marled easy jacket from UU and a jersey blazer from W+H . All part of my new evil plan to wear blazers unselfconsciously.

The W+H is surprisingly sturdy, yet comfy; I'm a little scared how much I like the UU one. Great value, IMO. Thanks to bawlin and vitatimh for the goods. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by BreezyBirch View Post

fw12 was awesome what you talkin, shah! Mongolian horse lord ftw

dont worry b i know you got most of the good stuff cool.gif
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I should have gotten that coat with the iffy leather sleeves. dangit!

also my new IS boots should be arriving today! (bought eck's)
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Last bit of SP haul for this month

Big thanks to joseph for helping me out with sizing and the process in general!

Will look great + shahs coat + ute pants smile.gif
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