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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

Yeah, SRV and Hendrix are the two that always made me want to quit because I wasn't worthy of the instrument.

For me it's always been John Fahey and Loe Kottke. Maybe Roy Harper too
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yoox sale shopping:

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deets on bomber plz
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some random brand called 'full circle'?
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I was looking for a waist length cotton jacket in a khaki color and I found this at yoox too icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

will jazz it up with my Barena scarf smile.gif
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Full Circle is a well known high street casual brand from the UK. Pretty middling. The only place outside of the EU that I've seen it is in a sort of trashy (but sort of fun) store in the Beverly Center in LA, whose name I have now forgotten.
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for $29, let's hope it's good.
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mine is $45 hihi
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

No, on the other side, right by the escalators. Less "designer", and more like, LA x Eurotrash. They always carried a lot of Full Circle, and then a lot of mid-range Italian brands like Messagerie and V-neck.
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politix lol
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Yahoo Japan is killing me. Everything is my size. I've been on a kopping spree.


Also, Wes Montgomery and Django. ;-)

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Ann hightops from Yoox came in (still a 40 left if anyone is interested. They fit about .5-1 sizes big.) I really like them. The off-white color looks great and keeps them from looking new, and the shape is perfect. It's hard to explain, but they make my feet, and thus my posture, look stronger. Is there a way I should be wearing these other than my default, which is denim stacked on top like this?

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Just got these, sorry for the choice of words, but they are... lovely.

This is also a fairly recent purchase

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