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I wanna get lasik but unsure of how much time you need for recovery.
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If you are talking about general recovery, it is fairly quick with LASIK.  My wife was up and running the next day.  If you are forced to go the PRK route, the first part of the recovery takes about a week.  I didn't think that was that bad, but I couldn't work.  

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It really depends on the individual. The technicians say most people are usually good to go back to a desk job the Monday after their Friday procedure. I had mine done during the week off our company took for Christmas and was fine once I returned to work, though my vision wasn't 100%. If you can I'd recommend taking the week. 

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i wore glasses for a year and a half. i never really wore them unless at home or driving though. people told me they looked good and were well suited for my face but it's weird adjusting to being a glasses person. also didn't like the BURBERRY on the side. got contacts this january and it's sooooo much better. i have complete perfect vision now (i.e. no peripheral blurriness), look like my normal self, can wear sunglasses, and be more active with good vision. it didn't take long to get used to taking them off and putting them back in. i've slept in them a few times on accident, but nothing ever happened. i have 14 day lenses. dailies seem more appealing but my options are more limited since i have a slight astigmatism.... will post actual recent purchases tomorrow maybe
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I think I got contacts in grade 8. Never wore glasses. I wear them 24/7 (sleep with them most nights). The odd night I'll take them out. I once wore someone elses contacts (they were new) for over a year because I was to lazy to get my prescription renewed.
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I do the same thing, only wore glasses for like a year in 6th grade and my parents figured I'd end up breaking my glasses anyway, so got me soft contacts. I wear them when I sleep too, and my eyesight has actually gotten a little better and then leveled out, I was just losing strength when I was using correction. My eyesight isn't too bad now.
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Huh. Haven't been able to find the black/steel MMM boots in my size (missed them when they were on yoox), so just impulse-bought the HM version. I hope I don't desperately regret this.
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they're not really that bad. Not nearly as good as the real deal, but much better than alot of the keneth cole and friends monstrosities i see retail for much more. The hmmmm ones are all leather atleast.
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Brokaw on Meet the Press right now showing how not to wear glasses (are those lady frames?)
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Ugh, probably need to sell the Ijevan now

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nice pickup caveat. how does SF clean their knits? Dry clean or what?
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What is the name of that cardigan sev?

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It's the Loden. I happened to have one, although I don't know how hoozah knew that. shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Caveat View Post

It's the Loden. I happened to have one, although I don't know how hoozah knew that. shog[1].gif
haha me either.
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Yeah slstr, it's from Frozen Waves, picked it up for a song from Y! Japan
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