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Go check them out at Amrag. Their stuff is selling well. Great fits, tons of care in design, and really cool friends of mine running it. S/S 13 should be great as well.

I have the "cast" obsidian raw selvedge and love them, and also have the "Villain" side zip, which is a pullover with riri zippers on the sides, meaning it can show off subtle layering.

How's the fit on tops? That side-zip sweatshirt caught my attention.
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Liking that Baseball jacket NiceGuyTom.


A couple purchases today.
I really just bought this shirt on impulse this afternoon as it was down to $100 from close to $400 @ Boylston - with free shipping. I've also got the same shirt in blue w/ yellow stripe and it's one of my favourite shirts. Funny thing is that i've gone from not owning a single flannel shirt to now having 4. Though coming into winter and being in a cold office all day, I don't see any real issues there. The blue one has kept me at a good temp in the office when normally it can be freezing.

photo FW12-014-SC-C1-1_zpsc78ee2e0.jpg
photo FW12-014-SC-C1-4_zps09fc8dca.jpg

I've also had my eye one these Lanvin Chinos for months and noticed they went on sale @ Matches with the recent FW sales. Had another quick look this evening and they were offering an additional 20% off so I managed to pick these up for $150 a piece down from close to $400 a pair also. I like the texture they seem to have and the cut looks really nice. Not as slim as my Industrie chino's and with the ironed pleat, they look more like a trouser which is great.
photo MELVTS780010TAN_2_zoom_zps862e79de.jpg
photo MELVTS780010TAN_4_zoom_zps482ad63f.jpg
photo MELVTS780011KHA_4_zoom_zps19d1132a.jpg
photo MELVTS780011KHA_3_large_zps301241b2.jpg
Hopefully sizing is ok on the chinos as I bought them both in a 50 (34).
They're supposedly TTS and I am usually a 33. And although my Acne denim is 32, they're supposedly vanity sized by 2.
They can be returned if need be so no worries there at all.
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What size would I be in those john elliot tees as a US40?

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Please stop 

edit: @elisix

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Stop what? I can't buy anything now?
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Elixsix that shirt was going for 400 bones retail? Come again !?!?
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Stop buying more chinos and plaid shirts. Your problem isn't having too few of them.
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Originally Posted by Jabonator View Post

Stop buying more chinos and plaid shirts. You're problem isn't having too few of them.


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Look at the model for that shirt. Your bottom half fits like that models but the top half is like 1-2 sizes too big. It makes the fit proportions very ugly.
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Guys you have got to remember that Australia is like 18-24 months behind America / Europe when it comes to fashion / design

Plaids and chinos was all the rage on SF a few years back
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@ cyc: those jeans look great!  hope they fit!  biggest fear of pre-distressed denim for me is the creases ending up at my calves due to being (relatively) short :/


no sizing info on the site at all..

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Ervell (in medium and small)

Uniqlo x KM (got in both black and olive, in a Japanese Mediums and a Japanese Small respectively, got great prices for both, so we'll see which one fits)
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i wish i had the money to blow that some people in here have.. crazy.
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I will post measurements along with a brief review for the people asking me about John Elliot sizing/quality/etc. I don't know any more than you do right now. I too hope that I don't end up with creases halfway down my calf.
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