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I've hated skate his since the 6th grade.
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Picked up a pair of Momotaros from Blue Owl, and bought dinner for my girlfriend, our respective kids, and her father. Most romantic V day dinner ever.
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Crosspost from leather jackets:

Incarnation leather arrived, excuse the stupid faces

Very similar in both quality and materials to the Attachment jacket I own - if I had been told they were sourced from the same factory, I wouldn't be surprised, other than a couple different stitching techniques on the Incarnation piece. The dying process (both are dyed after the garment is finished) and the hand of the leather feel almost exactly the same.

Got quite lucky because I bought it online knowing only it was a size 'm' and Incarnation sizing is all over the place, but with a little bit of stretch I think it'll fit perfectly. Some of the Incarnation models have quite a short body, but this hits just above my belt, like a good leather jacket should.

I like the design quite a bit, cross between a DR and a fencing. The asymmetrical zip left open looks a bit strange in pictures, but looks nice with a bit of movement. Simple design which leaves the leather quality the standout of the piece, rather than crowding it with a lot of zips and buckles like some Incarnation designs. The silver metal hardware looks really nice except for the awful Incarnation zipper pulls, which look kind of hokey.

Lighting is off, it's more gray than brown


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damn that looks good

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They look tiny on that sweater.

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received tb shirt , does it look alright when untucked?
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Noob Q: Are they even meant to be worn untucked with that label on the base of the shirt like that?

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yes you're right they are meant to be worn tucked
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TB looks a little long/tight in the hips, but not bad.
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I've hated skate his since the 6th grade.

Since the day some Christian Hosoi looking dude stole your 6th grade gf
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I'd let Hosoi take my girlfriend

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SS13 Devoa Coat. Been looking for a long linen coat for a while. So happy!

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Damn, lucky you. Friend of mine wanted it but it sold out so fast ...
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Thanks all!

For those interested, Devoa will be doing the same (style) coat for AW13.
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W+H x2

N&F x2

Plus yet another Barena jacket, although I can't find a suitable picture...3-button Slanega in "biscuit".
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Isn't the idea of a linen coat kind of ridiculous?
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