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So smash bros is what you meant by "resume building." Jk jk smile.gif
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Super bummed I don't have a PS3 solely because of that game frown.gif

In other news, I may buy a Nintendo 3DS just to play the new Smash Bros when it drops

get the 3ds xl. it hurts your eyes a lot less when you have a larger screen to look at. the only downside is that the color options are ugly...which is a pretty big downside shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Super bummed I don't have a PS3 solely because of that game frown.gif


Shame on you, you should be bummed that you can't play Journey as well.


Journey. redface.gif

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Just watched ign´s review of Ni No Kuni... anime looks on a video game is a great recipe. I´m totally getting that game.


And journey, man, most beautiful game I´ve ever played. Breathtaking from beginning to end.

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I picked up nino kuni last week, about and hour in but havnt played since.. Hard to make time for videogames these days frown.gif
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G trans kudos for getting on that logger gown tip. Tempting, very tempting. Would love to hear what you and TWs think of the weight/quality when they arrive. I might have to put in the time to finding a size 3 somewhere.
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Yea, I have had it saved since the beginning of the season, and only now am I able to find some at a reasonable price. I haven't seen any 3s at all, aside from Mohawk which had a navy 3 a while ago. The 'quality' to price ratio isn't exactly that great on a lot of nonnative stuff (but that's not to say that nonnative stuff is poor, they're just priced really really prohibitively), but from what I have so far I don't think I'll be disappointed. Hoping this doesn't prove me wrong
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I love cell shaded rpgs

I hope they make DC3 and its cell shaded like DC2 was
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^^ Tell me about it, lack of large sizes is a constant thorn in my side whenever I'm on yahoo jp, zozo, etc. I had my eye on that 3 at Mohawk but have an mmm shawl cardi in the same color and almost identical weave so I let it go. Beige or charcoal would be cool tho. And I like that it has a lining. Is any of the other NN stuff you have made in China? That was surprising to read, not that it's a deal breaker.
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Everything I have is made in japan, but I do think they have some made in china stuff. Breezy might know more since he probably owns a more than me, but out of the 6-7 pieces I have it's all MiJ. You may even be able to get away with a 2 in this one, which I have seen plenty of. I actually went with a 0 for the robe, and normally I am a 1 in both tops and bottoms for NN. I think the beige one looks ridiculously nice, but I haven't seen it anywhere outside of a few Japanese stores.
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nonnative is a cool brand, but it's a hard sell for me due to difficulty in finding my size, and cost at western retailers. reminds me a lot of old numbernine with a dash of soloist/junya/eg
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Made some birthday purchases:

SLP high tops
MMM ID bracelet
Swedish House Mafia floor ticket
Tiesto floor ticket
Madeon GA ticket
Lanvin high tops
a new Xbox 360 (mine crapped out on me at the beginning of the year)

might get some MMM tees too. Not entirely sold on them yet.
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damn i wish i could spend $3k on mysell for my bday. some good pickups tho
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post


(The sweater)

Nice pickup, reedo. I have that same sweater and it's boss. I used to own the two-tone brown/navy as well, but sold it once I had the pure navy version. Thing is boss, I wear the hell out of mine. The shawl neck can be worn a variety of ways.
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Shit, should I take g's post to mean I won't be receiving a PM about the availability of that SS cardigan?

Originally Posted by g transistor View Post

redface.gif I'm probably keeping the author cardigan, it's too nice. Wish I never got into knits because I have more cardigans than socks probably

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