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^ do it moo icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

lol @ driving
upgrade your chauffeur, wear any footwear
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lol @ being driven


kop a motorcycle and rejoice in your hightops/boots looking fly

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+ Chester Jefferies gloves in dark green deerskin, cashmere lined
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hope you have a little head but that's a nice hat
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I consulted PotN about sizing, large should fit about right. We'll see I guess.
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AFL im pumped to see that in a fit icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I wanna try wearing a hat.
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Hat is tough to pull off without looking like costume. Helps to be old/have beard.

Slightly related, think Atelier is now carrying Lemaire
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Another pair of Nike Free 3.0 (custom ID :-)


I've been really enjoying minimal running shoes the past several months. I hope this won't lead to those vibram 5-toe things.




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^ K, for actual running, or...?
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Yep, actual running. Though sometimes I just wear gym gear all day if I'm working from home. shog[1].gif

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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

niceeeeee, where'd you get them? Rakuten/Japan?
Thank you. Yes, Japan!
Originally Posted by artishard116 View Post

shit those are perfect. sometimes i wish my 5-holes were 7.
Thank you. Only thing that would make them better for me is if they were the full cordovan version.
Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

How do you drive in 7 eyelet boots where the leather is so stiff? My shins / ankle hurt thinking about it
Once the leather stretches near the ankle area all is well. Just need to walk a couple of miles in them before hand.
I used to drive in my Layer-0 reversed horse boots, which were even stiffer than these.
Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

I wanna try wearing a hat.
Do it!
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Wow, some great pickups on this page.

Looked for these for two years (idly, sort of), finally found them, couldn't ignore. Can't wait to get them.


Better pictures on arrival.
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