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It always boils down to varsities and (5) zippers...
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post


I think he can just shorten the zipper, but I'm not sure.  I'm really wary of tailors.  The last time I had something altered (a blazer) the buttons were sewn straight into the lining uhoh.gif

Didn't know you could do that, that would obviously be easier than my suggestion blush.gif

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Originally Posted by conceptual 4est View Post

At risk of sounding like I'm always bullying reedo, I'm bummed out that he got that.

It's another case of settling for a cheaper version of something that is not quite what he wanted.  A few weeks ago he mentioned wanting either a TOJ BBall or some Undercover leather.

Instead of one of those he got a reversible varsity and a denim 5-zip, which I'm sorry but will never be close to as cool as a proper leather version.

You can do better than this Reedo!!  I thought you were starting to get a clear idea of where you wanted to take your style but instead you have 2 pieces that aren't what you were actually lusting after.

i feel as though i'm always bullying reedo as well, which is a shame, because he's always nice to be, but his purchases just make me sad.
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bowtie reedo was the best reedo
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I can empathize with the unplanned instakop. But i'm not generally blowing wads on denim jackets. I think a levi's trucker would be better for you anyway, reedo.
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It looks a LOT better in person than on that mannequin, and the fit and weight are really great. It sort of drapes like leather too, not stiff in any way like raw denim.

I know it may appear like I'm settling but it was offered to me as a trade and, after doing some research and talking to people, I decided to give it a shot. Now that I have it in my possession, I can say I'm quite happy with it! And the real deal MMM black leather is prohibitively expensive for me, can't justify spending $1,200 on any piece at this point in my life.

I'll post a fit in the next few days to shut up all you naysayers! foo.gif
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That 5-zip looks like it could be cool, just not in that stock pic. You don't HAVE to own every "ultimate grail" item in every category to be happy with your wardrobe. I feel like half of building a successful wardrobe is learning what items to be happy with or compromise on.
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Never make compromises. I bought my brown carpe s21ms because I couldn't find any blacks ones, but lo and behold... a few weeks later..... frown.gif
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The denim really is substantial and feels/looks unlike any other denim I've handled, and the shade of blue works really well with black (I also intend to wear it with some white denim and those white painted HMMMMM boots, should look coo)
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people aren't objecting to the item itself, but rather the fact that its another episode in a web series called 'reedo talks about how he's going to stop buying clothing, and then immediately chases down hyped pieces'

show a little self control yo

on topic:

before the no purchase february clock started, a pair of green geller skinny jeans and a grey heavyweight NDG cardi
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This reminds me of when I was lambasted for buying, trying, and selling things. I always wondered why people cared so much/at all.

Reedo, keep kops/ideas private or else you will get the dick.
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goddamn, sometimes I just wanna quit this site for good, I get ragged on so fucking much
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Originally Posted by max_r View Post

Yes, this post fits in nicely after I posted about how I was fairly content with my wardrobe.

Awww shit fistbump.gif
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^^those sound like some awesome pickups Teger, which NDG cardigan did you get?
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Regarding planned purchases, how is that a bad thing? I remember getting negative feedback because everything looks so "planned" in an outfit.
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