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Recent purchases - Part II - Page 2186

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Inis Meain 96% wool 4% cashmere. $1500 retail> $598 shipped. Please fit.

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Lounge Lizard jeans

The measurements appear to closely match the style of fit I like, they're MIJ, and they were on sale for only 9800 yen. So why not give them a try?

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where do you get lounge lizard?
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I would guess zozo.jp or essence-web.jp
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Hopefully they'll fit too...otherwise I must let the world think that I'm dead until I can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within me.


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Krane Emory, fits a little tight; looking to sell if anyone's interested.





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whatya talking about, it looks great
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dammit i forgot those krane bombers existed, damn you. looks really good, where is it tight?

just hypothetically... what is your chest size?
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Definitely too small

Look at sleeves
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both sleeves look fine in first pic, and in second left sleeve is pushed up a little, or am I missing something?
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It's bunching like that because it is small.

OP is fishing for offers, anyways.
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Backlash Leather Shirt

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Very fitted supposedly so I hope a 40 works. 'Sup artishard, getting ready for S/S. happy.gif
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
this classically cut, slim button down features a hidden button placket, with single button closures on the square cuff, the collar buttons down behind hidden button holes, all buttons are shell.
Probably favorite part about the shirt is that the collar stays down, buttoned / hidden no less, and all made of shell / MOP I'm assuming. I don't really dig short collars, or collars that don't stay down when the top is unbuttoned. Spread collars with a tie is an exception, or if you intend on wearing your shirt buttoned all the way and the collars actually lie flat.

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^what's the shirt toasty?
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