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"I wore the size 4 he traded me today. Kilim buddies" icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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fistbump.gif "wonder when he's going to wear his plastic coke bottle"
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Originally Posted by Severisth View Post

Size V, finally found one

*edit: also, non-clothing: just bought tickets for Toro Y Moi, Caspian, Soft Moon, Psychic Ills, Animal Collective, Crystal Castles and HEALTH (will also be buying tickets for The XX whenever they decide to start selling them)

is this schneider?
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I hate you guys mad.gif
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I might move my Schneider shirt in size V, starting to become too tight shog[1].gif
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^which one did you get?
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Gray base shirt. Also MMM hidden placket shirt with the same problem foo.gif
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welp, went ahead and did this. hopefully all the sizing works out!

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I'm excited for you
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Those pants are so good, fit pics will be necessary
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fit (Click to show)

To be honest am a little underwhelmed. I tried on a CDG Shirt hat before that felt just like this one, those less malleable which I suppose is the defining mark of quality, it can be reshaped quite easily
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For $200 off yoox. Guess I'm another one of the abnormals that takes the same size in GATs and CPs.
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