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Anyone else remember the controversy this created a few seasons ago?

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Also got this in the same package -- happy with this one smile.gif

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Gd damn.
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haha I hadn't heard about this, I bought just cause I liked the design a lot (and lucky number 8). Looking more into it, to me it seems a form of playing off of the fear / disgust evoked by neo-Nazi imagery while subverting these images to represent East Asian concepts, with the flanged swastika, 88 being 發發, other religious symbols like crosses featured on some of the other stuff in the collection... they're either extremely clever or yellow white supremacists, but honestly I don't really give a shit haha.
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I've been curious about Brooklyn Tailors for awhile now. How do you like it? They look very much like boo.
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not digging the shape of the ccp boots shog[1].gif
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CCP's are great Sinned, are those purple?
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why is no one mentioning the switchblade next to the ccp and the toj? foo.gif clearly the superior topic choice in regards to sinnedk's recent purchases
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looks like a butterfly knife, dont cut yourself sinnedk <3
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I just assumed the blade came with ccp biggrin.gif
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CCP: bleed your wallet; bleed your flesh

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Wear boots

Use knife to rob people

Get money

Buy fencing jacket

Kind regards,

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How common is this on more expensive shirts? I know that cheap cotton towels will often use polyester thread. But most reasonably high quality "Made in USA" or "Made in England" towels will use cotton thread. But perhaps this a more important issue in towels-- e.g. polyester thread is abrasive relative to cotton.

No idea how common it is. In theory a nice cotton shirt will use nice cotton thread, which also ensures that any shrinking from wash will occur in both the thread and the body. In reality this isn't always the case. If a designer doesn't specify what thread to use on a garment, the factory will probably just grab whatever is handy as long as it's the right color. Maybe this doesn't happen at nice factories in Italy, but most factories aren't nice or in Italy. It doesn't really matter until you go to dye a shirt or jeans or something and find that the body is black and the thread is grey. Or it will all look good until you wash it and the bleeding on the body is different than that of the thread. Not a big deal really, but just something to be aware of.
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Cotton thread is generally weaker than synthetic and often used in things like repro denim (just for the sake of being authentic) or with very delicate fabrics.  A fair amount of stuff, high or low end, is made with synthetic thread.  The shrinking issue isn't a huge deal, since cotton thread/fabric would probably shrink at different rates due to different constructions.  Higher end stuff should have preshrunk fabric before cutting anyway, ensuring that's not a huge issue.  I've really never seen that be too much of a problem at any price point, actually.


Also, designers often spend a fair amount of time considering what color/material/pricepoint of thread to use.


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