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Originally Posted by BB1 View Post

It's rare that a sweatshirt looks truly great on anyone. Notice how the WAYWT fits with multiple visible layers tend to receive more thumbs up. The multiple layers provide visual interest since both the color and texture of your top half is no longer uniformly monotone. Likewise, even a plain v-neck s/s tee provides you with multiple colors and textures on top since your bare skin can be thought of as an additional layer.
But a long sleeve, crew neck, single color sweatshirt with few details is simply bland looking when worn by itself. It's like having 10 acres of schlubby gym fabric covering every inch of your top person. Just look at the guy above with the mustache wearing the sweatshirt! Wearing that sweatshirt together with his droopy eyes it says I'm hungover from last night, all sweaty from my recent trip to the gym, and didn't even bother to shower.
I do think the sweatshirt could look good if you paired it with a down vest though. That would add a pop of visual interest, breaking up the blandness the plain sweatshirt. But perhaps that would be warmer than what you're looking for. Otherwise I'd just avoid wearing plain sweatshirts all by themselves.

I agree with almost everything except that this photo looks bad. I think its one of the rare sweatshirt fits that looks like it fits him and is not an amorphous blob.

and max_r I like those MMM's I just wouldn't wear them with the black jeans in the first photo. I think they look great in the last two.
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Are we really talking about sweatshirts for 2 pages?
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Originally Posted by NaTionS View Post

Are we really talking about sweatshirts for 2 pages?

I tried to stop it, but to no avail ^^
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LOL at blaming that guy's hangover on the sweatshirt. It looks great on him. The black one looks even better.

P.S. part of the appeal of an awesome slim-fitting sweatshirt like that or the Dana Lee is EXACTLY that sweatshirts generally look like sacks of fabric on people. When someone sees you looking good in a sweatshirt, they will partly attribute it to the fact that you must just be better looking than most people they have seen in sweatshirts.

P.P.S. They're comfy as f-
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MMM, APC, Lot78

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Rag & Bone
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It's beginning....



music hall a15.2 integrated amplifier





music hall mmf-2.2 le



idea this time is to keep it small and simple (and budget friendly) alien.gif

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do you tape that to your sweater or wear it on a chain c4? biggrin.gif
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one on each shoulder, benesyed.  one on each shoulder.


the speakers go on my chain teacha.gif

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Yeah, I prefer sweatshirts too. Comfy and looks cool enough.

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Who knew there was still demand for belt drives.
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Just got this jacket the other day from J.Crew. I like it, but not sure if the fit is great. Advice please? Not sure if its too big or if its just me...
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The fit on the jacket is good.


You don't want an army style jacket like that to be fitted. Would look ridiculous.

Look at the shoulders and upper back and you can see that it fits good.

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Couldn't resist in a size 34 at 65% off.
AP Bomber
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Oh yeah, forgot to post this...

Size M, but measurements make it seem like it'll fit like my L canvas version, so we'll see. If this one fits, canvas one will probably be coming to a B&S near you
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