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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

Forum should only be accessible for a limited duration of a week using a coupon code you would get when purchasing over $500 at Mr Porter.

Quit pissing on Mr Porter. They carry many famous labels including J Crew.
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Originally Posted by turboradmobile View Post

I picked up a couple things during sales this week, nothing too exciting but they were lots of percentages off.

And this SNS sweater I have a question about: is it a bad idea to cut the steel wire that runs up the sleeves and down the sides so I can stretch the body down? It fits but an extra inch would be perfect. 
Wait, your sweater has a wire in it? WTF?
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Got a white painted pair and another black pair of those HMMMMMMM boots

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Haven't bought anything in 2 months now and getting antsy ... withdrawal baldy[1].gif
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Both of you need medical help
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bought a Hugo (Boss) winter jacket
haven't received it yet


they have a new belgian designer "Bart de Backer" foo.gif
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Braun Chronograph

Ann Ds, I hope they're not hard to pull off

Bersa Thunder 380 w/ laser grip
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Ann D's are Chuck look alikes. You'll be fine.

And good buy on the Bersa. I had one for a number of years and was quite pleased with it.
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Sorry for the shitty lighting. These are the Yigal overdyed burgundy twill trousers (fuck that's a mouthful). Fit feels great, and so does the fabric.

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Are those the ones you were asking about?

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Yup. Turned out great.
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(double post frown.gif )

I might as well give a shout-out to Master Milano, who was kind enough to grant me his extra steezy Baron de Charlus jacket, made by Engineered Garments, in my time of need. Velvet lapels. Tweed overdrive. The locals are perplexed. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Thanks, MM!
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Originally Posted by Zeemon View Post

bought a [blue jacket]

Very nice, now join me in the quest for the Ultimate Burgundy Cap. happy.gif
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Dat burgandy. me gusta
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almost bought some white GATs, bust instead..

mcnairy x tres bien

will definitely be resoled. I'm thinking a crepe with heel taps.
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