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Originally Posted by worakl View Post

Everytime someone quotes KOY I die a little inside.

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Because, you know, I have him blocked... 

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me too.
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Originally Posted by Jabonator View Post

Develop your personal style - don't wear shit you think looks cool now, copycat people on the internet!

Not what I said and you know it wink.gif
also, what can I possibly have done to warrant not one, but two blocks? o.O
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I actually like the jeans more than I thought. Think I will keep them.
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Those look nice, what are they?
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Those look like diors
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new frames. first glasses since middle school since wearing contacts 18 hours a day, every day was ruining my eyes, apparently. think they look pretty decent w/ my face. excuse my winter break bum appearance.

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I think you may have bought the exact frames I wear. What's the brand?
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they're ray ban 5187. although mine are tortoise, i bet yours are black. almost sprung for a pair of persols but i actually preferred the way the ray bans looked on my face.
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Mine are apparently a pretty faithful copy of that frame:


Same tortoise/green but they look black unless you're wicked close, and then it brings out my eyes. One of the reasons I picked them (2)

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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

Those look like diors

tag looks like drkshdw?

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And so the holidays end with the discovery of a suitable Mozzie-ish jacket, something I've been wanting.

Also, no lurves for the Creep? This strangely excites me. Did I make a tiny huge mistake? eh.gif

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@urthwyte yay we can be glasses buddies.

@noob love creep but the patches on that jacket are so bad.

and i hope you sized up on the OL jacket.
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Oh crap, I didn't. All the vendor web sites said TTS for this one. Thanks for the heads up...I will prepare.

Not incidentally, it was your OL constellation blazer that lead me to this tweed jacket. laugh.gif
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I like the tweet fabric, but the patches look like faux leather? i dunno. might look better in person too.

haven't tried that particular OL jacket, but all the ones I've tried on have been small, esp in the arms.
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Cotton twill! teacha.gif

Fingers crossed. Perhaps I was mislead by their model, who looks a bit like shoreman. Very sneaky on their part:

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