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Well they were actually some of the first items I bought before looking at some of the other more accepted brands. And to be completely honest, their shirts fit me pretty well. I think I have 4 - so not a massive expense invested. 


I've been trying to add color and texture into my wardrobe hence the splurge over the last 6-8 months. That and reading up on here is helping me to hone in on what I like and feels comfortable

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we should transition to fit pics only, since i'm guessing most model shots are recent imaginary purchases. who is balling this out of control??
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lol.. you can see most of this shit in my fit pics from the S&C WAYWN thread.


Nothing is imagined. Some of it is on the way though from recent xmas sales. 

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Lots of people... there are members with watch collections worth more than your house. What elisiX posted is like one transaction for Andrewgreg @ Mr. Porter.
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why did you cop everything you already have
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I might add, easily 95% of what I bought I got on sale. 

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Originally Posted by jet View Post

why did you cop everything you already have



Also, why do you aim for the mallbrand-look?
Surely there must be other styles or aestethics you like you could try out instead of just looking like every other dude? 
I mean, nothing you wear is bad per se, but now that you're (hopefully) gradually getting a sense of "fashunz" by following waywt and this thread, don't you feel that you should maybe start developing your personal style?



Plaid shirts are boring

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Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak View Post


LOVE these. what are they?
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Fair question. It's a slow process I think. A couple things I've learned recently (from SF no less) is that I owned a lot of poor fitting, average quality items. At the end of the day, the way I've always dressed is casual and a street wear look outside of work. I used to suit up daily and didn't think much of weekend wear, but I have not worn a suit to work for about 2 years now and I never updated my wardrobe to suit. 


So this first step has really been about adding color, increasing the quality and feeling comfortable while doing so. The reality is, I work in a very casual environment, and while these items may be quite commonplace on this forum, in my world they're miles ahead. The look and style I admire is too formal for my office and I have only just started to introduce tucked shirts / blazers into my fits for more formal days (client meetings etc). 


Some risks can certainly be taken from here. Let's see what 2013 brings. 


Here's a few examples of a more formal look vs casual look in my current wardrobe.



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I was guessing that was the case, but anyways that's progress so that's good.
But still, I find plaid shirts incredibly boring laugh.gif
(the kitsune ones are nice though)

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dude is a biz cas baller
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This is how I want to dress. If I did, i'd seriously be roasted so hard in my work environment (IT-WEB). 




At the moment, I am trying to head more toward this.





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Alright, time to see if I can pull this off, here's hoping
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nice snag devil.gif
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