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wait tcwalter copped that? thought it was snowman/gtrans becoming my twin as i scrolled down

mind blown
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bring back the old avatar tcwatler!
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Despite the picture it is actually dark blue not black.

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I can see the body's dark blue, but sleeves certainly look black to me

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will see once it arrives. Idk if black sleeves is a bad thing since i feel that it would let me wear black pants with it more smoothly. Time will tell.
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bene isn't this like the 4th blazer you've bought in the past month?
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yup but some i returned, looking for the right one. smile.gif
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i hate you tcwalter but enjoy the piece nod[1].gif

i was just asking about then the sale hit and i was asleep still

early bird gets the worm.
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junhashimoto wool shorts

These are pretty similar to a pair of W+H wool shorts that I sold since the fit was too baggy on me. These jun ones are far slimmer fitting. They're from his SS12 collection, so they were still available for 50% off.

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Shirt looks alright, not sure about the diors, mmms are nice, repettos areĀ uhoh.gif

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How do Repettos hold up to actual use? I've always kind of wanted a pair but can't imagine spending >$200 on something that is essentially still a ballet shoe.
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Repettos look awful to me
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not a fan of those captoe mixed leather ones, but:

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If you want something very sleek and neat, but more casual and with imo a nicer shape, you could check out these
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