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Recent purchases - Part II - Page 2104

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T by Alexander Wang
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Wang's diffusion line

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Re: Australian Inverallan

Lool of course it's too hot it's the middle of summer?
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It has to pretty much be -10-15C here for me to even consider wearing mine.
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Originally Posted by sinnedk View Post

deets please


It's Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Commuter Laptop Case. The leather is actually very nice in person (goat).

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Link to the wangs? Look interesting
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I loled

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Yohji AW07 Jacket
grailz on grailz
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yo. i kinda like the h&m ones better
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assuming you mean color, can't imagine them being the same level of quality as the real deal?

curious though, what are you going to wear brown boots with? smile.gif (thinking most of your wardrobe goes better with black/white/grey footwear)

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eh, i think the h&m ones feel a bit more substantial, even if the leather is of 'lesser quality.' that said i'll probably just wear these in the office and with blue jeans + toj fishtail i have on the way. might be picking up another brown toj as well for these. it also let me change my guidi order to black though
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where'd you get the brown pair lesamourai?
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might not be the same pair but i saw a pretty similar sidezips on ebay a couple of weeks ago
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merry xmas to me

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