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and thus begins toast's apprenticeship under jet sarcastyleforum-internship

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someone is gonna raise a dick pic soon. (not me.)

WATCH out.
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Those are great, are they the Acne sweats?
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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

Those are great, are they the Acne sweats?

Think it's these


Edit: Link fixed. Huddler borked it

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Indeed. Really wanted them and small is sold out everywhere, so had to pay almost the retail price.

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falke socks (cashmere and merino stuff)
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Growing my junya coat collection! Had a first wear yesterday at -22 and it was warm even with a T!
More pics below. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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I buy a lot of stuff and this is my best Yoox purchase of the year, without a doubt. As always, the Yoox shots don't tell the full story: it's entirely soft -constructed (shirt-jacket, if you'd like) and is reversible, with both sides being awesome. The side you see on the pic is a barathea type of weave with jet pockets, the other side is a smooth with patch pockets(and obviously with the barathea-weave lapels). It is outstanding, I've been turning this around and around to understand how it was done, can be buttoned on both sides, and can truly look good on both... and cost me less than $300 shog[1].gif

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Adam Kimmel? Funny Synth had a different review. I actually really like the look but size small been sold out forever.
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Yes, Kimmel. What was Synthese's review?
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Poor fit if I remember correctly and the material did not lend itself to altering well. I believe he got a size large? Perhaps same as you.
I think he did not like the material as much as you do. Needs a proper WAYWT post and detail photos.
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Would be suicidal to try to alter this thing given the reversible construction. Fit is a bit snug on me but it's a summer piece so I don't plan on wearing a thick turtleneck underneath...
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good cop g
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