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Recent purchases - Part II - Page 2004

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Rick Owens Bauhaus icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gifnod[1].gif

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switch to 100/page, small-timer
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How did I not even know that was an option oh man

SF is on a whole new level now

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Just don't try and load any threads started by sipang unless you have a minute to wait

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I can't load my own threads
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Originally Posted by 3 Prague Winters View Post

Cuiron Helmut Lang
Santa Maria Novella Cuba
Tom Ford Tuscan Leather
Eau Noir Christian Dior
Tea for Two L'Artisan

Nice list, I'm on the same wavelength of rakish scents.
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yay, fragrance tawk! I love them, but wear very sparingly. If you're intersted at all, you guys should check out the Scent of the Day thread in Health & Body. There are some really knowledgable posters, including Professor Rach. There's also the great book by Luca Turin.

I wore Helmut Lang yesterday. still one of the best ever.

RP for me: I jumped on the Nike bandwagon for casual and workouts.

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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Am I the only one here who really hates cologne?
Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

They should be prohibited in restaurants.

I'd say you shouldn't be wearing so much that it's emanating to everyone around you. I find it a bit funny though that most guys wear scented deodorant (though you might not) which smells like shit while a properly applied amount of edt would smell a lot better and wouldn't be much, if any stronger. I'm not all that into fragrances but it always is nice to put them on in the morning.
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Look what I've started lol8[1].gif

If you hate cologne it's because you've been conditioned to mall brand garbage being oversprayed by dirtbags near you.

When you get into cologne it's kind of like finding sf for the first time, there's shit you never knew existed.
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I'm a pussy, cologne gives me a headache.
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Its that time for Cologne talk again? What happen to the thread?

Really Hot Summer- Virgin Island Water. Love the Coconut
Slightly Less Hot Summer- Aventus. Love the Pineapple
Hot Summer- Tom Ford Italian Cypress
Kind of Cold Summer- Ocean by Calvin Klein. Cause haven't you just wanted to smell like you came from the Beach?
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Rose 31, Fat Electrician, Aventus, and (all time favourite) Guerlain Vetiver
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Hard-to-explain fact: I have anosmia. As a result, I never buy cologne because I don't even know how it smells.

However, I once got some free samples of the cologne from Zadig-et-Voltaire while I was in Paris and I wound up receiving some nice compliments on it.
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I.e. cologne talk makes absolutely zero sense to me.
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I love how cologne talk always cues everyone to name drop their shit like some sort of flossfest, fucking comical lol8[1].gif

One thing I don't do is divulge my shit unless I've moved on ie rose 31 3 years ago.
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