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The latter is the more expensive, "designer" one right?

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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

Yo, Reedo, if you're still looking for cheap basic derbies with slight toe bulbage, I found this pair on Yoox:

All I know about the company is they make their stuff in Italy, but the last looks pretty nice

Dammit these have been in my dream box for a while, wish I could pick them up but I just bought a pair of boots. Everything in my dream box has been getting sold out on me lately.
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Well do you ever have a moment when you want to wear your boots without the shafts?

There, that's your reasoning. Now you can buy the derbies without feeling guilty.
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Iwc Aquatimer is just lovely!
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buying workboots like its 2007
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AW2005 collection. Look #10
The material (90% wool 10% nylon) is unique, sturdy but soft enough.
Gathered waist and four metallic buttons.
The shoulders are lovely and dropped, big armholes and great silhouette.

... (Click to show)

brighter lighting to show more textures

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Alfred Sargent Harrold. I'm in looove. inlove.gif

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gyak grey ls shirt, grey ss shirt, purple leaf shorts
white mountaineering socks
black unlucky belt
black/white rafstros (which i believe are trapped in customs hell cause theyre taking forever to get here)
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Two pairs of Stephan Schneider pants (I'm wearing a pair out tonight and wasn't gonna take it off just to prove I bought it to some unreal internet peoplz), one pair of Lumen et Umbra pants, one pair of Devoa pants & Ann D Vitello Sneaker Boots.

Oh and just a few hours ago, these...

A1923 derbies...couldn't resist shog[1].gif

Better pics of the other stuff. Black Celebration's SS trouser fit pics aren't all that great but you get the idea.
Devoa Pants: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Both Stephan Schneider Pants: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

LeU Pants: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Ann D Boot Sneaker things: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

I also bought some Silent stuff along with some other things (I think) but they didn't work out for me. The SS pants were a surprisingly wise purchase decision. The Devoa pants are a great fabric but the fit is kind of weird...especially the hem. It has an extreme flair that seems unwearable (like literally it will go over most of my footwear). I will likely have them tapered but I also don't want to commit some faux pas and 'ruin' them. The LeU pants are a sweat pant material but don't really wear as such. Really thick, awesome fabric. Unfortunately they seem to be a bit loose in the waist but there are adjusters and I haven't really tried to properly fit them yet. The Ann D boots are very similar to a pair of Ann D boots I have in grey, but a bit different up top and a completely different sole (the grey ones are actual boots). I don't really find it least not yet. I obviously don't have the A1923 derbies yet but I can't wait.

And thanks to all that encouraged me to buy the A1923...I think foo.gif
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damn should i buy those derbies instead of aldens...
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

damn should i buy those derbies instead of aldens...

but your aesthetic really doesn't go that way
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i was thinking of expanding. i think they could go well with a pair of black pants or navy chinos
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i think you should get ann, raf, or something along those lines instead

or go full sz-approved attire with me foo.gif
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yeah i'd love a pair of raf derbies or yohji derbies but cannot afford
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