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ordered these kenzo neoprene pants
they were on my want-list for fw2012 and had only one pair in size L

I'm gonna wear it when it's below 5° celsius
maybe with my raf fw2009 neoprene sleeve shirt haha
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Originally Posted by smashwindow View Post

When have I complained about someone's grammar? I've had entire posts corrected by anal retentive people, FFS I'm ESL
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Nah, I was just referencing a post someone made with a video explaining the difference between "could care less" and "couldn't care less". For whatever reason, "could care less" has always bugged me, so I guess the video resonated with me. Also, it was pretty hilarious.
Originally Posted by conceptual 4est View Post

the universe is telling you to stop buying jeans!!!
(and so am I)
laugh.gif Nah, I was actually planning on returning them when I bought them; I figured it was worth my $6 to verify that size 30 is too big for me (which it is).

Still planning on buying some raw black 19cm when I get the chance, universe be damned. devil.gif
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Originally Posted by Harbin View Post

Making good music vs looking good

ever looked on a guitar forum? lots of people spend thousands on guitars while making terrible music

also, i've been given shit for buying multiple $1000 guitars
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Crosspost from the Nike thread. Love these! Instant contentedness.
Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

This is only the third pair of nike shoes I have ever had in my life. The other two were both velcro court traditions back in the day. Anyway, I was at the running store today, and after starting totally from scratch in terms of everything from sizing to gait to shape, I ended up with a pair of (adidas ) supernovas, the third pair I've owned - but I also tried on these orange flyknits for absolutely no reason other than they looked really cool. The salesman tried really hard to dissuade me, saying they weren't really good for anything in particular, and I went home without them.
After thinking about them for three hours, I drove back and demanded them - good thing I did, because they were the last pair in my size. They're super, super comfy, and while I probably won't be running in them, I think I'll be wearing them a ton, because I have recently realized that most of the shoes I own are a size too small for me. Really dumb.
Anyway, I think these are too fucking cool, so I took a picture and they're SO ORANGE it's like I am wearing space tang shoes on my feet. Would not hesitate to buy again, but I remembered nike sneakers being like 60$ and these were 150$, which was a little surprising.
(I also tried on the free 3.0 v4 - how the fuck do you guys keep these things straight? - and thought they were awesome, so I may custom-order some of those in a fun color, because all they had where I live is red and grey. Yuck.)
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weekday canvas/suede-hightops (for 15 $ on saleicon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif)

also, american crew fibrewax, the one with the blue sticker

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a lot of socks lately
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I need more socks

Outside of Uniqlo, where can I find decent socks (cotton or wool, medium thickness, fun colors?)?
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banana republic. a few years ago i was in a banana republic randomly and they had all of their socks marked down to a $1. i bought like.. 40 pairs.
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I bought 9-10 of those BR socks at the same price, but they kinda sucked. Uniqlo's are much much better, so if you're looking for something as good I'd personally avoid BR.

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Nothing beats Uniqlo at price/quality.  

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Uniqlo sock are outstanding from a durability point of view and given their colour selection but certainly not idea; during hot summers.
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Givenchy Shirt...

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Well, I was wondering how long I might go not buying anything since I don't need anything else. Then, I saw a linen GBV shirt for cheap. I bought it.

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Can't get enough of these 1007's, my favorite frames at the moment

Whole lot of basic Sunspel V neck T's, one of the softest/most breathable T's Ive ever put on, wish they had colors in this style

Lanvin Grosgrain Grandad Jersey
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