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Originally Posted by aether View Post

I like the second fit but I can definitely see the feminine claim. oversized top with slim bottoms is a typical girl's silhouette. if a brolic caucasian dude tried to sport it I dont think he'd be as successful.

Eh isnt this a fashion forum though? Thats pretty feminine to begin with isnt it?

Maybe if you sell it to yourself as 'style' or something IDK, but really, its a fashion forum, and we are getting excited over this seasons new collections.

Australians just call a spade a spade.
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Originally Posted by Master Milano View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
cept in oatmeal, can't find a picture though. like reedo, i am still chasing ndg shit...

Ever check out Messagerie?
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MMM side zips. Not a huge fan of the color, I may have them darkened. Thoughts?

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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

Ever check out Messagerie?

wow, no not at all. The lookbook's pretty incredible; everything feels really cohesive. I can see how it's similar to NDG in a way, the sweaters, tailored pants, but it has a less militaristic feel. Thanks! That oxblood/ maroon/ purple-ish glenplaid jacket from this fall looks great.

Seems like a fairly young brand. Do you know where it is stocked and the price points? No showrooms in the U.S.

And on a side note, another brand that has impressed me recently is Sandro, although to some it might just be rehashes.
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I think it's fairly old Italian brand.

There are actually quite a few Italian brands in this style. It probably serves a market of young men whose fathers wear Cucinelli etc. The fabrics are very nice and at least on the NdG level.

I'm not in the US so I don't know who stocks them, but if they're stocked here in New Zealand then i'd imagine they have pretty worldwide distribution.
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I guess I like Massagerie cause I had an affinity to suits, collars, and such... Started off in MC before i got bored of their inside jokes. If I were to wear Yohji or some other more avant-garde (whatever that means these days) it'll still involve a nice jacket and something with an overall clean finish.

That's cool, have you picked up anything from them ? it's your winter over there right
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Knit linen sandro tee i have is awesome

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Yeah I like messagerie as well, I haven't picked any up but from what I've seen I've been impressed. It's kinda that luxe casuals area. It's good stuff.
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There were some nice messagerie knits and casual blazers on yoox, last time I checked.

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Where to kop ndg?

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Originally Posted by CDHagg View Post

Where to kop ndg?

they have been liquidated. So, B&S, ebay and second hand stores.
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I do not think you should buy expensive boots unless you like the color. Intending to dye them is not a great plan imo.
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