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united black/black denim




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Originally Posted by thisisblex View Post

im just bitter cause I can't afford one. trust me i'd get one if I could. still waiting for the white/clear windbreaker from ss12 to go down further from $300

not like i have 2k to drop on a jacket either
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For the select few troglodytes not reading the TOJ thread:
Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Surprise email from Drew resulted in this:
First thoughts: Perfect fit this time. The silver hardware is really fantastic, as is the banded hem. I liked the sleeves on my old jacket, so the convertibles don't feel like a step up. Zipper is different in movement, too, but I'm not sure how to describe it.
"Downsides" - or just "asides": Much more visible grain on this leather, stiffer feel too. I'll have to see if it breaks in differently. Pooches out a bit in the stomach, that could settle as well, but is maybe also a function of the hem style and single-direction zipper. It could just be because I owned the 2010, but the torso feels maybe a bit naked without the buckles - could be because I'm 6'1 and the jacket is sized accordingly.
Overall: Much less of a superhero-type jacket. Slouchy, lots of character, lots of really nice detailing, as usual. Feels more "TOJ" than the 2010, and although it's kind of moot now, still the best your bones can buy. Construction is insane, as usual, and feels like slipping back into a second skin.
cooking brussel sprouts with pancetta now, it's cheating but it's the only way to make them taste good.
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i disagree; brussel sprouts tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper, then sauteed in a pan for a few minutes are delicious.

jacket looks good, though.
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Whether roasting or sautéing brussels sprouts, you gotta split em in half to get that nice browned half. I have also had them sliced up into little ribbons and fried and that's pretty excellent.
No opinions about leather jackets.
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I eat my leather jackets au naturel, like a man.
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What a waste of pancetta synth

Pre-cooked new potatoes sauteed with finely sliced garlic and cubed pancetta, season with sea salt, add a good seeded mustard and lastly, finely sliced red onion at the end before serving.

Goes well with a zucchini, boccocini and roasted garlic tart (fresh lemon juiced over at the end) and my chocolate souffle for desert (my wifes favourite)

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thanks guys, i've been racking my brain for hours trying to decide what to eat for dinner!

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def cut the sprouts in half, some cubed lardon is always a good idea and some dried cranberries temper the saltiness of the pork
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deep fried brussel sprouts are the best.  it gets crispy and brown on the edges, with a creme fraiche or some other cream on top.  throw in some sliced apples for freshness, and you have the perfect tapas. oh, and bacon doesn't hurt.

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dont forget, brussel sprouts are an aphrodisiac and build testosterone. woot!

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I usually peel them
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i had some pasta for dinner with turkey and chicken meatballs frown.gif theres lots of things that richmond does well, but having good quality groceries is not one.
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I'm a proponent of applewood bacon, balsamic vinegar, and sometimes pomegranate seeds with brussel sprouts.
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Originally Posted by NOBD View Post

Pre-shrunk. Is that a deadly sin?
I also tried RRL, which were really nice, but too wide in the waist (and sizing down was no option because of my football thighs smile.gif). And KOI, very nicely made, nice details, but not a fit for me (straight legs, high rise).

i have this exact same pair. great balance between comfort and style
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