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shah have you been eating toasty's brownies lately

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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

back to topic , RPs to go with my dunks
bbs and rick
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

i hope you are talking about the tops and not that dress on the right.

the top on the left looks like something a pimp would wear,

the top on the right looks ok but i think you can do better, did you see obscur?
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do you guys like these? i do but im not sure about the fit/quality etc shog[1].gif

are they a good alternative to guidi 995?
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They look pretty OK, but I wouldn't take a risk on Diesel final sale
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Like everything but that fucking awful Ann D

Originally Posted by Stazy View Post


Yeah, I wouldn't have bought it if it weren't so cheap but it was worth taking a chance on ~$8 return shipping. It seemed interesting and like it could work at the time, though I've since had a lot of doubts. I haven't lost all hope yet, though...I also bought it under the impression that it was not pink. We shall see.
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just checked again, they dont even have my size, where can i get some similar boots/chelsea side zips in black smile.gif
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Ummm shah, is that a maxi-dress?
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lol if you actually identify in any way with the products/media/art you consume, the clothes you wear, your gender, ethnicity, birthplace, past or present residence, heritage, family, friends, community, career, hobbies, pets, or beliefs, spiritual or intellectual.

Posting this from my iDick 69g while wearing New Balance 420s.
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gonna dig up a picture of me from 8th grade wearing 2 strap birks and plaid shorts

still wear them and some brown leather reefs all the time in the summer, but I don't post them for the same reason synth doesn't post basketball shorts. I have them for the same reason I still have a pair of docs from that same year.

it's the same reason lots of posters have owned the following hideous footwear that have trended off and on for literally decades, (that I managed to avoid while wearing my ugly reefs, docs, birks, and new balances tongue.gif ): chucks, all vans (ever), dunks, superstars, stan smiths, and air force 1's.

does being self aware make it more acceptable? don't care but I do want a pair of clogs this fall for the same reason. slave to trendz, or anticipation of what might become one.
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Originally Posted by SuperBobo View Post

jet, ive worn both nb´s and birks for 5+ years. Hype...

What does this have to do with anything? It doesn't counter anyone's claims about your tendencies, embrace it like tween. Admit you are a slave to fashion.
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nice buys dude. Really liked that tee, almost bought the tank top version of it.

Why u no kop tree print?
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What designer s3lam?


Not much of a purchase... but anyone looking for tees should check out these ones by Norse Projects. Currently on sale for like $50. Just arrived today in a few different colors and I'm impressed. 







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norse projects will go amazing with zam barrett and RO
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

shah have you been eating toasty's brownies lately

LOL poor toasty what has he done to deserve this ...

Sorry I was just messing about, not keeping dunks nor did I buy furry man-dress or pimp cloak tongue.gif
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