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Recent purchases - Part II - Page 1764

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Tickets to kryptic minds
Tickets to richie hawtin icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

Has this been published anywhere yet?

We will email it as a pdf soon. It was fun to do.



Edit: Oh, right. Mrporter screwed up my shipping options, so I got a $20 credit. So, picked up a pair of Jean shop skinnies for $110. No bad for a pretty darn nice pair of jeans.
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Snagged reedo's brown CP combat boots.

So, uh, while I already said I was done making purchases until F/W, now I really mean it. Seriously.
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Its a great suit I love it. thick linen bit too warm for 90˚+

Originally Posted by Feji View Post

That's actually the Our Legacy one, can't beat a sub $400 suit that fits off the rack that will only need some hemming on the pants!
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lol shog[1].gif

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damn, you bought the bauhaus? that is the end all be all of leathers
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Is the bauhaus the one with the really layered back?
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On dat Schneider bandwagon SF hype ting







TOJ slim trousers in black

MMM grey/green trousers


Many thanks to Shah, Razele, Charly & Banana Cognac




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)




and some techno 12"s icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif


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oh you're the one who grabbed the schneider chunky cardi ? plain.gif
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Haha, not from Razele.


Banana Cognac bought it and stated that he would be willing to let it go if it would be too big.

I contacted him pretty much directly after this and got first in line smile.gif

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great cops everyone ( minus lester biggrin.gif )
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Originally Posted by surrender View Post

APC Chelseas
Our Legacy buttondown

damn that was a great price for those APC chelseas
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Omg that schneeder knit
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Originally Posted by 1969 View Post

just grabbed these apc derbies off the mp sale but will probably send back assuming the quality is shit as expected. .................

On those lines, what' s the word on the Marni derbies? Over here.

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wait how does one pronounce schneider in the case of stephan schneider? SHNYE-der or SHNEE-der? And is it SHTEH-fon or steh-FON or STEE-ven or what? Apologies for bad phonetic spelling
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