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Nice boots
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I have them- TTS size- the shaft is huge (width-wise)

Here they are next to Cdiem back zips:

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More shoes.  Not for everyone but I always thought they were cool.  Be interesting to see in person.



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goldentribe, i wore my jil sweater (orangey one) last night. if you haven't got it yet, the weave is insane. it's not just multicoloured cotton yarns but the weave itself has multicoloured. so rad icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

ps steveo it is not itchy at all.
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Do you have the same version I do? I noticed that there is an 'uneven' version (sold at Neiman Marcus and LVR) and an 'even' version (sold at Oki-Ni and LN-CC and JilSander.com), referring to the distribution of the light blue threads.

I tried on the short-sleeve version at Holt Renfrew (and loved it other than the short sleeves), so I know roughly what to expect, though that was the 'even' version and I purchased the 'uneven'; I wish I could have both!

For posterity: (WARNING: big images!)

Even version (Oki-Ni, LN-CC, Jil Sander) (Click to show)






Uneven version (NM, LVR) (Click to show)

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that's an ugly sweater you bought man. first one is better
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You're an ugly sweater.

I like mine better.
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i was just about to say even version looks better too. both are nice though.
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i got this one:

but i imagine the blue one is sick too. i agree with the others that the even pattern is nicer IMO
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Uneven is more better.
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nuh uh
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  • Ann D. Different color than Lane's

I'm happy. Replaced my mis-sized CP boots, and I think this is more my style now.

  • And these to beat up in the office:


  • Some random Uniqlo and misc. apothecary goods

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^ that pic is less than 1/2 the size of your avatar, cannot see your new fine thing. appears to be a boot. or a geoduck

edit: okay that is better, look nice
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Went sort of big today (for me at least). Last binge before leaving to Chile for 6 months so I figured it do it up right. Mix of practical and absurd - but the Givenchy Great White Shark sweater is probably the most perfect item I have seen for myself in a long time - perfect enough to pay retail at maxfield.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Lanvin Silk Cuff T x2 practical - OKlr0.png6vYvl.png
Lanvin Embroidered T impractical agkLj.png
Lanvin Silk Sweatpants: absurd -pD2gd.png
Ann D Boots practical - A3xgP.png
Black painted straw GATs semi-practical - JDgDx.png
Givenchy Great White Shark Sweater - amazingly Impractical but the most beautiful thing on earth. XK6ge.jpg
4 avocados- practical. tao73.png
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Those Lanvin silk sweats and the Ann D boots look great, also avocados I am sure are tasty.
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