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What are those boots?

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Guidi. Been eyeing a lot of their footwear on Mr. Porter LN-CC actually

WTF?? I don't even remember typing Mr. Porter...I don't even browse the site redface.gif.
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Mr. Porter carries Guidi? Is that a non-U.S. thing, because I don't think the U.S. site has any.
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pic looks from ln-cc
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

pic looks from ln-cc

Indeed it is. Dunno why I typed Mr. Porter on there shog[1].gif. Must have been all the talk earlier by Andrewgreg et al.
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^^KJ ::: http://www.ln-cc.com/guidi/guidi-mens-reverse-bison-leather-ankle-boots-/invt/gui0108007col/


Too tired for any kind of Synthesian praise but, from someone who's never handled Guidis before, the texture/color/craftmanship are really amazing.


edit:: also -- if  you have a SZ account and it's your first time ordering from LN-CC, they give you a 10% refund as store credit. more money for sale time silent poopy pants! et cetera... 

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YYPH Long shirt from SS11 in cotton.



(pic from wire.artist)

YYPH Silk printed jacket from SS12


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So happy to see this thread come back.
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MOK I Miss you (Click to show)



and Kiryu-ee-reek (Click to show)
Dat painted detail
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how do you even find these things? lol
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IT finds you
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That's true

Every time I am hard on looking for something, the item never appears
Alternatively, if I forget about it I just somehow stumble upon it, or
Originally Posted by sipang View Post

IT finds you

It's like when you're grinding and looking for gear playing your favorite MMORPG and you can never find it. Magic Finding is so tedious. Then weeks or a month pass by, you forget all about it, and all of a sudden the next kill you happen to loot the grail piece.

Everything is connected; who says videos are not real?

* * *
Alternatively, you may loose interest when an amount of time passes before the grail piece finds you as by that time you may pick up something else nicer.
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